Opening Date
Dec 25, 1923
Closing Date
Mar 15, 1924


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Liberty Theatre
(Dec 25, 1923 - Mar 15, 1924)

A musical in two acts

Brooklyn, New York

Produced by George M. Cohan
Book by George M. Cohan; Lyrics by George M. Cohan; Music by George M. Cohan; Musical Director: George A. Nichols; Music orchestrated by Mike Lake
Musical Staging by Julian Mitchell; Staged by John Meehan; Production Supervised by George M. Cohan
Scenic Design by Joseph Wickes; Costume Design by Cora MacGeachy, Ada Fields, Earl Benham and Brooks-Mahieu Company
Musical Supervisor: Charles J. Gebest
Mrs. Montague Bradley
Roscoe Morgan
Mrs. Casparoni
Cutie Magee
Ruby Keeler
Broadway debut
Lillian Smith
Bob Morgan
Rosie O'Reilly
Buddie O'Reilly
Hop Toy
Jimmy Whitney
Kitty Jones
music by George M. Cohan; lyrics by George M. Cohan
Act 1
Sung By
The Arrival of the Plot
Jimmy Whitney, Bob Morgan, Lillian Smith, Kitty Jones, Mrs. Casparoni and Company
Never Met a Girl Like You
Bob Morgan and Rosie O'Reilly
Born and Bred in Brooklyn
Jimmy Whitney, Polly and Company
My Gang
Cutie Magee, Pete and Company
The Arrival of Society
Boys and Girls
In the Slums of the Town
Rosie O'Reilly
Water Front Pastime
Steve and Molly
The Whip
Casparoni and Mrs. Casparoni
Something's Happened to Rosie
Poor Old World
Buddie O'Reilly and Boys
Stage Society
Lillian Smith and Girls
All Night Long
Kitty Jones and Boys
The Servants' Frolic
Ethelburt and Gertrude
Love Dreams
Rosie O'Reilly, Casparoni, Mrs. Casparoni and Polly
Just Act Natural
Jimmy Whitney and Buddie O'Reilly
When June Comes Along with a Song
Bob Morgan, Rosie O'Reilly, Jimmy Whitney and Company
Act 2
Sung By
At Madame Regay's
Boys and Girls
On a Holiday
Jimmy Whitney, Kitty Jones, Boys and Girls
Let's You and I Just Say Goodbye
Bob Morgan and Lillian Smith
A Ring to the Name of Rosie
Rosie O'Reilly, Flower Girls, Boys and Girls
Keep A-Countin' Eight
Buddie O'Reilly, Cutie Magee, Boys and Girls
Two Girls from the Chorus
Two girls from the chorus
Nothing Like a Darned Good Cry
Bob Morgan and Rosie O'Reilly
The Italian Whilwind
Casparoni and Mrs. Casparoni
The Plot Again
Johnson and Company

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