MusicalRomantic ComedyOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Oct 15, 1931
Closing Date
Sep 24, 1932
MusicalRomantic ComedyOriginalBroadway


Globe Theatre
(Oct 15, 1931 - May 1931)
George M. Cohan's Theatre
(May 24, 1932 - Sep 24, 1932)

A musical in two acts

Various locations in France and Brussels

Produced by Max Gordon; Produced in association with Erlanger Productions, Inc.
Book by Otto Harbach and Jerome Kern; Music by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach; Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Jerome Kern; Orchestrations devised by Jerome Kern; Orchestrations scored by Robert Russell Bennett; Musical Director: Victor Baravalle
Staged by José Ruben; Ensemble Dances staged by Albertina Rasch
Scenic Design by Henry Dreyfuss; Costume Design by Constance Ripley and Kiviette
General Manager: Ben A. Boyar
Technical Director: Macklin Megley; Stage Manager: Edwin Saulpaugh; Assistant Stage Mgr: William Torpey
Conducted by Richard Baravelle; Music Contractor: Al Goodman; Concert Master: Fredric Fradkin; 1st Piano -- Celeste, etc.: Cyril Mockridge; 2nd Piano: Wendell Keeney; 3rd Piano: Horace Grenell; 1st Violin: Josef Gingold; 2nd Violin: Sylvan Shulman; Viola: Sol Deutsch; Cello: Julian Kahn; Bass - Tuba: Henry Cocozza; Flute - Saxophone: Ben Gaskins; Oboe - Saxophone: Milton Cassel; Clarinet - Bass Clarinet - Saxophone: Joseph Colon; 1st Trumpet: Robert Denti; 2nd Trumpet: Frank Witriol; 3rd Trumpet: Morris Selzer; Trombone: Vincent Grande; Marimba - Xylophone - Glockenspiel, etc.: Lee Perrin; Tympani - Drums, etc.: Jack Stein
Press Representative: Howard S. Benedict
Constance Carrington
Angie Sheridan
Jean Colbert
Alexander Sheridan
Major Sir George Wilfred Chatterly
Albertina Rasch Dancer
Shirley Sheridan
Book Vendor
Albertina Rasch Dancer
Maizie Gripps
A Waiter
Victor Florescu
Albertina Rasch Dancer
Clement Daudet
Jean Colbert
Mme. Abajoue
Chester Biddlesby
Albertina Rasch Dancer

Globe Theatre (Oct 15, 1931 - May 1931)


Jean Colbert

George M. Cohan's Theatre (May 24, 1932 - Sep 24, 1932)

music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Otto Harbach
Act 1
Sung By
The Night Was Made for Love
The Breeze Kissed Your Hair
Victor Florescu
The Love Parade
Pompineau and Maizie Gripps
Try to Forget
Shirley Sheridan, Alexander Sheridan and Angie Sheridan
Poor Pierrot
Jean Colbert and Claudine
The Passionate Pilgrim
Odette, Claudine, Constance Carrington and Jean Colbert
Act 2
Sung By
She Didn't Say 'Yes'
Shirley Sheridan
A New Love Is Old
Victor Florescu
One Moment Alone
Shirley Sheridan and Victor Florescu
Hh! Cha! Cha!
Shirley Sheridan and Others
She Didn't Say 'Yes' (Reprise)
Pompineau, Victor Florescu and Shirley Sheridan

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