Opening Date
Jan 22, 1900
Closing Date
Feb 10, 1900


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Casino Theatre
(Jan 22, 1900 - Feb 10, 1900)

A musical in two acts

Produced by George W. Lederer
Libretto by Hugh Morton; Music by Gustav Kerker; Musical Director: W.H. Batchelor
Staged by George W. Lederer; Choreographed by Augusto Francioli
Scenic Design by Ernest Albert, Ernest M. Gros and D. Frank Dodge; Costume Design by Caroline Seidle
Count Ratsi Rattatoo
Blinky Bill McGuirk
Harry Bronson
Myrtle Mince
Queenie Cake
Fifi Fricot
Ichabod Bronson
Dance Specialty
Kissie Fitzgarter
Drummer Boy
Gladys Glee
Doc Snifkins
Count Patsi Rattatoo
Mr. Snooper
Violet Gray
Mr. Twiddles
Cora Angelique
Birdie Seed
Kitty Peach
Pansy Pinns
Kenneth Mugg
Marjorie May
Mamie Clancy
Dorothy June
Mr. Peeper
Little Miss Flirt
Karl von Pumpernick
Mr. Snuffy
Rosy Love
Drummer Boy
music by Gustav Kerker; lyrics by Hugh Morton
Act 1
Sung By
When a Man is Twenty-One
Harry Bronson and Chorus
Oh Naughty Mr. Bronson
When I Was Born the Stars Stood Still
Cora Angelique and Chorus
Little Sister Kissie
Kenneth Mugg, Kissie Fitzgarter and Blinky Bill McGuirk
Teach Me How to Kiss, Dear
Fifi Fricot
We Come This Way
The Anti-Cigarette Society
Ichabod Bronson
Wine, Woman and Song
Harry Bronson and Chorus
La Belle Parisienne
Fifi Fricot and Bridesmaids
My Little Baby
Ichabod Bronson
Pretty Little China Girl
Chorus and Corps de Ballet
They All Follow Me
Violet Gray and Chorus
She Is the Belle of New York
Blinky Bill McGuirk
She Is the Belle of New York (Reprise)
Ichabod Bronson, Harry Bronson, Violet Gray and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
Oh! Sonny!
Harry Bronson and Chorus
When We Are Married
Fifi Fricot and Harry Bronson
The Purity Brigade
Violet Gray and Chorus
I do, so there!
Violet Gray, Ichabod Bronson and Chorus
Take Me Down to Coney Island
Blinky Bill McGuirk and Mamie Clancy
On the Beach at Narragansett
Ichabod Bronson and Others
For the twentieth time we'll drink
Oh little Bo Peep
At ze naughty Folies Bergere
Violet Gray
'For in the field

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