Opening Date
Apr 30, 1900
Closing Date
Closing date unknown


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
This production played in repertory with The Viceroy, The Serenade

Knickerbocker Theatre
(Apr 30, 1900 - Closing date unknown)

An operetta in three acts

music by Reginald De Koven; lyrics by Harry B. Smith
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Auctioneer's Song
Annabel, Alan-a-Dale, Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Chorus
Milkmaids' Song
Annabel, Alan-a-Dale and Milkmaids
Come the Bowmen in Lincoln Green
Annabel, Dame Durden, Alan-a-Dale, Robin Hood, Archers, Milkmaids and Chorus
I Come as a Cavalier
Maid Marian
Come Dream So Bright
Maid Marian and Robin Hood
I Am the Sheriff of Nottingham
Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff of Nottingham and Chorus
When a peer makes love to a damsel fair
Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne, Maid Marian and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
Oh cheerily soundeth the hunter's horn
Alan-a-Dale, Little John and Will Scarlet
(Song of) Brown October Ale
Little John and Male Chorus
Oh, Promise Me
(lyrics by Clement Scott)
The Tinkers' Song
Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff of Nottingham and Tinkers
Oh, see the lambkins play
Robin Hood, Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff of Nottingham, Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet
Forest Song (Ye Birds in Azure Winging)
Maid Marian
Act 3
Sung By
The Armorer's Song
Will Scarlet
When a Maiden Weds
The Legend of the Chimes
Alan-a-Dale and Chorus
Love, Now We Nevermore Will Part
Maid Marian and Robin Hood
When life seems made of pains and pangs
Annabel, Dame Durden, Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff of Nottingham and Friar Tuck

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