MusicalComedy FarceOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Jan 29, 1900
Closing Date
Jan 1901
MusicalComedy FarceOriginalBroadway


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Grand Opera House
(Jan 29, 1900 - Feb 03, 1900)
Grand Opera House
(Jan 14, 1901 - Jan 1901)

A musical in two acts

A Charity Bazaar and the House of the Millionaires' Club

Produced by E. D. Stair
Music by Herbert Dillea; Musical Director: Herbert Dillea; Additional lyrics by Arthur Gillespie
Eva Ready
Mrs. Waldorf-Castoria
Sue Brett
I.N. Hand
Chicago Ladies Quartette
Fifi Castoria
Dr. Kelly
Chicago Ladies Quartette
May Towle
May Shine
Rosie O'Grady
Chicago Ladies Quartette
Cora Fay
Minnie Apolis
Cold Feet
Will E. Doo
Chicago Ladies Quartette
Vera Vane
Isy Mark
Belle O'Dell
Stella Star
Adam Shame
Top Not
Lord Harold Poorpay
Lord Percy Hardup
Ina Minnitt
Ima Winner
May Due
J. Doyle Smart
A Club Mann
music by Herbert Dillea
Act 1
Sung By
The Charity Bazaar
Conversation Dance
Lord Percy Hardup, Lord Harold Poorpay, Fifi Castoria and Ask Me
Tommy Was a Bad, Bad Boy
Lord Percy Hardup and Company
I Shall Have to Tell It to Albert, Prince of Wales
Fifi Castoria and Company
The Mick Who Sent the Pick
Mah Butterfly
Fifi Castoria and Company
Act 2
Sung By
Hush Thee, Now, My Babe
Mrs. Waldorf-Castoria, Eva Ready, Cora Fay, Dr. Kelly, Adam Shame and Will E. Doo
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
(lyrics by Arthur Gillespie)
Dr. Kelly and Company
Percy and Harold
Lord Percy Hardup and Lord Harold Poorpay
We Heard What You Said
Lord Percy Hardup, Lord Harold Poorpay and Ask Me
The Sousa Girl
Fifi Castoria and Chorus

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