Opening Date
Oct 20, 1976
Closing Date
Jan 02, 1977
1st Preview
Oct 13, 1976
1st Preview
Oct 13, 1976


Ethel Barrymore Theatre
(Oct 20, 1976 - Jan 02, 1977)

The great hall of the St. Elizabeth Institute for Nervous Disorders, St. Petersburgh, Russia, 1900.

Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden, John Bloomgarden and Ken Marsolais; Produced in association with Don-Mark Enterprises
Written by Pavel Kohout; Based on the 1902 short story "Msyl" ("Thought") by Leonid N. Andreev; Musical Director: Stanley Wietrzychowski; Translated from Kohout's Czech play and the German version of G. and A. Baumrucker by Herbert Berghof and Laurence Luckinbill
Directed by Herbert Berghof
Scenic Design by Howard Bay; Lighting Design by Howard Bay; Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt; Hair Design by Patrik Moreton; Assistant Costume Design: Hilary Rosenfeld
General Manager: Max Allentuck; Company Manager: Milton Moss
Production Stage Manager: Frederick A. De Wilde; Stage Manager: Harry Young; Assistant Stage Mgr: Timothy Farmer
Production Associate: Dona D. Vaughn; General Press Representative: John Springer Associates; Press Representative: Louis Sica; Assistant to the Director: Marlene Mancini; Assistant to the Producer: Noel Gilmore; Literary Advisor: Micky Levy; Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; Advertising: The Blaine Thompson Agency and Matthew Serino; Graphic Design: Gilbert Lesser; Photographer: Frederick Ohringer
Third Actress
also Voluptuous Mistress; Irina Pavlovna Kurganova; Countess Byelitskaya
Professor Drzhembitsky
Anton Ignatyevich Kerzhentsev
also Hamlet
First Actor
Alexey Konstantinovich Savelyov; also Polonius / Hamlet II
Maria Schell
Broadway debut
First Actress
Tatyana Nikolayevna; also Queen
Second Actress
also Servant Girl / Katya; Flower Vendor / Gypsy Roma; Marya Vassilyevna
Third Actor
also Dean / Lawyer / Major Count Byelitsky; Kurganov / King and others
Fourth Actor
also Cashier / Newspaper Vendor; Conductor / Gypsy / Francisco; Polonius II
Fourth Actress
also Slim Mistress; Duchess de Cliche-Turomel; Pro
Second Actor
also Ignat Antonovich Kerzhentsev / Rector; Waiter / Bernardo and others
also Gypsy Girl
Understudies: James Carruthers (Second Actor), Faith Catlin (Second Actress, Apprentice), Barbara Coggin (Third Actress, Fourth Actress), Ernest Graves (First Actor), Seán Griffin (Anton Ignatyevich Kerzhentsev), Felicia Montealegre (First Actress), Richard Vernon (Fourth Actor) and Harry Young (Professor Drzhembitsky, Third Actor)

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