Opening Date
Mar 16, 2023
Closing Date
Aug 06, 2023
1st Preview
Feb 21, 2023
1st Preview
Feb 21, 2023


Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre
(Mar 16, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023)

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Book by Alfred Uhry; Music by Jason Robert Brown; Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown; Co-Conceived by Harold Prince; Music orchestrated by Don Sebesky and Jason Robert Brown; Musical Director: Tom Murray
Directed by Michael Arden; Co-Choreographed by Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Cree Grant; Associate Director: Matthew Johnson Harris and Emilio Ramos
Scenic Design by Dane Laffrey; Costume Design by Susan Hilferty; Lighting Design by Heather Gilbert; Sound Design by Jon Weston; Projection Design by Sven Ortel; Hair and Wig Design by Tom Watson; Associate Scenic Design: Matt Iacozza and Riw Rakkulchon; Associate Costume Design: Mark Koss; Associate Lighting Design: Jackie Fox and Valerie Insardi; Associate Sound Design: Joshua Millican and John Millerd; Associate Projection Design: Lacey Erb; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Will Vicari; Assistant Costume Design: Amy Sutton and M. Meriwether Snipes; Moving Light Programmer: Curtis Reik
General Manager: ShowTown Theatricals, Samuel Dallas and Nathan Gehan; Company Manager: Joel Glassman; Assistant Gen. Mgr: Jessica Morrow; Assistant Co. Mgr: Westin Hicks
Production Manager: Juniper Street Productions, Inc.; Production Stage Manager: Justin Scribner; Stage Manager: Sarah G. Harris; Assistant Stage Mgr: Anita Shastri
Conducted by Tom Murray; Associate Conductor: Andrew Resnick; Assistant Conductor: Mike Pettry; Musical Coordinator: Kimberlee Wertz; Piano: Andrew Resnick; Keyboard/Guitars: Mike Pettry; Bass: Michael Olatuja; Drums/Percussion/Harmonium: Jamie Eblen; Percussion: Jeffrey Irving; Reeds: Todd Groves, Rick Heckman, Ed Matthew and John Winder; Trumpet: Shawn Edmonds; Trombones/Tuba/Euphonium: Nick Grinder; French Horn: Rachel Drehmann; Concertmaster/Violin: Todd Reynolds; Violin: Hajnal Pivnick; Viola/Violin: Todd Low; Cello: Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf and Deborah Assael-Migliore; Electronic Music Design: Billy Jay Stein, Hiro Iida, Adam Wiggins and Strange Cranium Productions, Inc.; Music Preparation: John Blane
Casting: The Telsey Office and Craig Burns, CSA; Advertising & Marketing: AKA; Press Representative: DKC/O&M; Social Media: Marathon Digital; Production Counsel: Nevin Law Group; Physical Movement Coordinator: Lorenzo Pisoni; Dialect Coach: Dawn-Elin Fraser; Dance Captain: Caroline Fairweather; Dramaturg: Cami Rose Hancock; Photographer: Joan Marcus
Lucille Frank
Leo Frank
Mrs. Phagan
Eddie Cooper
Broadway debut
Newt Lee
Erin Rose Doyle
Broadway debut
Mary Phagan
Tom Watson
Jim Conley
Minnie McKnight
Britt Craig
Governor Slaton
Old Soldier
Judge Roan
Hugh Dorsey
Jake Pedersen
Broadway debut
Frankie Epps
Stacie Bono
Broadway debut
Sally Slaton
Mr. Turner
Emily Rose DeMartino
Broadway debut
Luther Rosser
Mr. Peavy
Nina Formby
Ashlyn Maddox
Broadway debut
Sophia Manicone
Broadway debut
Iola Stover
Detective Starnes
Jackson Teeley
Broadway debut
Officer Ivey
Charlie Webb
Broadway debut
Young Soldier
Standby: Florrie Bagel (Lucille Frank), Stacie Bono (Lucille Frank), Max Chernin (Leo Frank) and Ryan Vona (Leo Frank)
Understudies: Stacie Bono (Mrs. Phagan), Harry Bouvy (Hugh Dorsey, Luther Rosser, Mr. Peavy, Detective Starnes, Governor Slaton), Tanner Callicutt (Britt Craig, Frankie Epps, Officer Ivey, Mr. Turner, Young Soldier), Courtnee Carter (Minnie McKnight), Max Chernin (Hugh Dorsey), Eddie Cooper (Riley), Emily Rose DeMartino (Mary Phagan), Bailee Endebrock (Essie, Monteen, Nina Formby, Nurse, Iola Stover), Caroline Fairweather (Essie, Monteen, Nina Formby, Nurse, Mrs. Phagan, Sally Slaton), Christopher Gurr (Old Soldier, Judge Roan), Beth Kirkpatrick (Mrs. Phagan, Sally Slaton), Douglas Lyons (Jim Conley, Newt Lee), Ashlyn Maddox (Iola Stover, Mary Phagan), William Michals (Old Soldier, Judge Roan, Governor Slaton), Prentiss E. Mouton (Angela, Jim Conley, Newt Lee, Riley), Jackson Teeley (Britt Craig, Tom Watson, Young Soldier), Charlie Webb (Frankie Epps) and Aurelia Williams (Angela, Minnie McKnight)

Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre (Mar 16, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023)

French Horn: Karl Kramer (Jul 05, 2023 - Jul 23, 2023) and Audrey Flores (Jul 25, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023)
Swing: Ross Lekites
Understudies: Harry Bouvy (Officer Ivey, Mr. Turner) and Ross Lekites (Luther Rosser, Mr. Peavy, Detective Starnes, Tom Watson)
music by Jason Robert Brown; lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
The Old Red Hills of Home
Young Soldier, Old Soldier and Company
The Dream of Atlanta
How Can I Call This Home?
Leo Frank and Company
The Picture Show
Frankie Epps and Mary Phagan
Leo at Work / What Am I Waiting For?
Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
I Am Trying to Remember
Newt Lee
There Is a Fountain / It Don't Make Sense
(music by Jason Robert Brown and Lowell Mason; lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and William Cowper)
Frankie Epps and Company
Watson's Lullaby
Tom Watson
Somethin' Ain't Right
Hugh Dorsey
Real Big News
Britt Craig and Company
You Don't Know This Man
Lucille Frank
Hammer of Justice
Tom Watson and Company
Twenty Miles From Marietta
Hugh Dorsey
Frankie's Testimony
Frankie Epps, Mary Phagan, Tom Watson and Company
The Factory Girls / Come Up to My Office
Iola Stover, Essie, Monteen and Leo Frank
Minnie's Testimony
Minnie McKnight
My Child Will Forgive Me
Mrs. Phagan
That's What He Said
Jim Conley and Company
Leo's Statement: It's Hard to Speak My Heart
Leo Frank
Closing Statement and Verdict
Act 2
Sung By
A Rumblin' and a Rollin'
Riley and Angela
Do It Alone
Lucille Frank
Pretty Music
Governor Slaton
The Glory
Judge Roan and Hugh Dorsey
This Is Not Over Yet
Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
Factory Girls (Reprise)
Iola Stover, Essie and Monteen
Minnie McKnight (Reprise)
Minnie McKnight
Blues: Feel the Rain Fall
Jim Conley and Company
Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?
Tom Watson, Hugh Dorsey, Frankie Epps and Company
All the Wasted Time
Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
Lucille Frank, Frankie Epps and Company

Tony Award®


Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical

2023 Nominee
Ben Platt

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical

2023 Nominee
Micaela Diamond

Best Direction of a Musical

2023 Winner
Directed by Michael Arden

Best Costume Design of a Musical

2023 Nominee
Costume Design by Susan Hilferty

Best Lighting Design of a Musical

2023 Nominee
Lighting Design by Heather Gilbert
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