Opening Date
Oct 06, 2022
Closing Date
Jan 08, 2023
1st Preview
Sep 16, 2022
1st Preview
Sep 16, 2022


American Airlines Theatre
(Oct 06, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023)

A single setting representing the Chamber and an Anteroom of the Continental Congress, a Mall, High Street, and Thomas Jefferson's Room, in Philadelphia; and certain reaches of John Adams' mind. May, June and July, 1776.

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Original Broadway production produced by Stuart Ostrow
Music by Sherman Edwards; Lyrics by Sherman Edwards; Book by Peter Stone; Based on a concept by Sherman Edwards; Music orchestrated by John Clancy; Vocal design by AnnMarie Milazzo; Music direction by Ryan Cantwell; Associate Musical Dir.: Alyssa Kay Thompson
Directed by Jeffrey L. Page and Diane Paulus; Choreographed by Jeffrey L. Page; Associate Director: Brisa Areli Muñoz; Assistant Choreographer: Courtney Ross
Scenic Design by Scott Pask; Costume Design by Emilio Sosa; Lighting Design by Jennifer Schriever; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans; Projection Design by David Bengali; Hair and Wig Design by Mia Neal; Associate Scenic Design: Stephen Carmody; Associate Costume Design: Sara Decker; Associate Lighting Design: Aaron Tacy and Alex Mannix; A.R.T. & Tour Associate Sound Design: Daniel Lundberg; Associate Sound Design: Brian Walters; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Ashley Wise; Assistant Lighting Design: Anna Brevetti; Production Video: Danny Carr and Chris Kurtz; Video Programmer: Scott Leff; Moving Light Programmer: Paul Vaillancourt
1776 General Manager: Denise Cooper; Company Manager: Michael Sheehan
Production Manager: Aurora Productions; Production Stage Manager: Alfredo Macias; Stage Manager: Genevieve Kersh; Assistant Stage Mgr: John Meredith
Musical Supervisor: David Chase; Music Consultant: Nadia DiGiallonardo; Musical Coordinator: Dean Sharenow; Music Assistant: Ian Chan; Electronic Music Design: Billy Stein, Hiro Iida and Strange Cranium, Inc.; Music Copyist: Russell Bartmus; Conducted by Ryan Cantwell; Associate Conductor: Michael Dobson; Keyboards: Ryan Cantwell; Drums, Percussion: Michael Dobson; Cello: Thomas Barth; French Horn: Hazel Dean Davis; Trombone, Bass Trombone: Skye Dearborn; Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet: Dominic Debasse; Bass: Pete Donovan; Violin: Marissa Licata; Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo: Matt SanGiovanni; Saxophone, Clarinets, Flutes: Zac Zinger
Casting: Stephen Kopel C.S.A.; Press Representative: Polk & Co.; Fight Choreographer: Thomas Schall; Dialect Coach: Dawn-Elin Fraser; Dramaturg: Robert Duffley; Research Consultant: Emily Sneff; Additional dramaturgy: Elizabeth Amos; Director of Marketing: Elizabeth Kandel; Director of Development: Lane Hosmer, Kristen Mitchell and Erin Mooney; Adams Deputy Artistic Director: Scott Ellis; Dance Captain: Jill Marie Vallery
Robert Livingston
George Read
Col. Thomas McKean
Andrew McNair
Congressional Custodian
John Dickinson
Abigail Adams
Rev. John Witherspoon
Thomas Jefferson
Mehry Eslaminia
Broadway debut
Charles Thomson
Congressional Secretary
Stephen Hopkins
Richard Henry Lee
Martha Jefferson
Dr. Lyman Hall
Crystal Lucas-Perry
Broadway debut
John Adams
Sep 16, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022
John Hancock
Patrena Murray
Broadway debut
Benjamin Franklin
Joseph Hewes
Samuel Chase
Sara Porkalob
Broadway debut
Edward Rutledge
Sushma Saha
Broadway debut
James Wilson
Brooke Simpson
Broadway debut
Roger Sherman
Salome B. Smith
Broadway debut
Sav Souza
Broadway debut
Dr. Josiah Bartlett
Caesar Rodney
Standby: Shelby Acosta (Charles Thomson, Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Chase, Roger Sherman), Ariella Serur (Dr. Josiah Bartlett, George Read, James Wilson, Martha Jefferson, Dr. Lyman Hall), Grace Stockdale (John Dickinson, Richard Henry Lee, Col. Thomas McKean, Thomas Jefferson), Dawn L. Troupe (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock, Andrew McNair) and Imani Pearl Williams (Andrew McNair, Caesar Rodney, Caesar Rodney, Joseph Hewes, Courier)
Understudies: Gisela Adisa (John Adams, Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon, Courier), Nancy Anderson (Thomas Jefferson, John Dickinson, Stephen Hopkins), Becca Ayers (Richard Henry Lee, Stephen Hopkins), Tiffani Barbour (Robert Livingston, Joseph Hewes), Mehry Eslaminia (Martha Jefferson, Dr. Lyman Hall, Edward Rutledge, Samuel Chase), Joanna Glushak (John Dickinson), Liz Mikel (Benjamin Franklin), Oneika Phillips (John Hancock, Robert Livingston, Caesar Rodney), Lulu Picart (Edward Rutledge, Roger Sherman), Sushma Saha (Benjamin Franklin, Edward Rutledge, Col. Thomas McKean), Brooke Simpson (Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon, Courier), Salome B. Smith (Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon) and Sav Souza (Charles Thomson, James Wilson, George Read)

American Airlines Theatre (Oct 06, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023)

Production Stage Manager: Genevieve Kersh (Dec 20, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023); Stage Manager: Devin Day (Dec 20, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023); Assistant Stage Mgr: Sage Lumsden (Dec 20, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023)


John Adams
Oct 25, 2022 - ?
music by Sherman Edwards; lyrics by Sherman Edwards
Act 1
Sung By
Sit Down, John
John Adams and Company
Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve
John Adams and Company
Till Then
John Adams and Abigail Adams
The Lees of Old Virginia
Richard Henry Lee, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Historical Lees
But Mr. Adams
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston
Yours, Yours, Yours
John Adams and Abigail Adams
He Plays the Violin
Martha Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Act 2
Sung By
Cool, Cool, Considerate Men
John Dickinson, Dr. Lyman Hall, John Hancock, Joseph Hewes, George Read, Edward Rutledge, Charles Thomson and James Wilson
Momma Look Sharp
Courier, Andrew McNair and Company
The Egg
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Company
Molasses To Rum
Edward Rutledge and Company
Yours, Yours, Yours (Reprise)
Abigail Adams
Is Anybody There?
John Adams
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