Opening Date
Feb 22, 1983
Closing Date
Feb 22, 1983
1st Preview
Jan 30, 1983
1st Preview
Jan 30, 1983


Eugene O'Neill Theatre
(Feb 22, 1983 - Feb 22, 1983)

The Wild Moose Lodge early fall, evening. The Present.

Opening night was originally set for February 7, 1983; it was pushed back to February 22 following Eve Arden's departure during previews. Moose Murders was on hiatus from February 2 - February 10, 1983 while Holland Taylor was cast and rehearsed.

Produced by Force Ten Productions, Inc.; Associate Producer: Ricka Kanter Fisher
Written by Arthur Bicknell
Directed by John Roach
Scenic Design by Marjorie Bradley Kellogg; Lighting Design by Pat Collins; Costume Design by John Carver Sullivan; Sound Design by Chuck London Media and Stewart Werner; Set Decoration by David Smith
General Manager: Theatre Now, Inc.
Production Stage Manager: Jerry Bihm; Stage Manager: Clifford Schwartz; Technical Supervisor: Jeremiah Harris
Musical Supervisor: Ken Lundie
Dance Coordinator: Mary Jane Houdina; Stage Violence by Kent Shelton; Casting: Stuart Howard and Pulvino & Howard, Ltd.; General Press Representative: Hunt / Pucci Associates; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Photographer: Gerry Goodstein; Logo Art by Joseph Bahl
Snooks Keene
Nelson Fay
Holland Taylor
Replaced Eve Arden in previews
Hedda Holloway
Feb 11, 1983 - Feb 22, 1983
Lillie Robertson
Broadway debut
Lauraine Holloway Fay
Joe Buffalo Dance
Scott Evans
Broadway debut
Stinky Holloway
Dennis Florzak
Broadway debut
Sidney Holloway
Mara Hobel
Broadway debut
Gay Holloway
Lisa McMillan
Broadway debut
Nurse Dagmar
Howie Keene
Understudies: Dennis Florzak (Nelson Fay), Suzanne Henry (Snooks Keene, Nurse Dagmar, Lauraine Holloway Fay, Hedda Holloway) and Anderson Matthews (Howie Keene, Sidney Holloway, Stinky Holloway, Joe Buffalo Dance)

Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Feb 22, 1983 - Feb 22, 1983)


Hedda Holloway
Jan 30, 1983 - Feb 01, 1983
Was replaced in previews
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