PlayFantasy Play with musicRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Dec 23, 1982
Closing Date
Jan 09, 1983
1st Preview
Dec 08, 1982
1st Preview
Dec 08, 1982
PlayFantasy Play with musicRevivalBroadway


Virginia Theatre
(Dec 23, 1982 - Jan 09, 1983)

A play in two parts

Produced by Sabra Jones and Anthony D. Marshall; Produced in association with WNET 13
Adapted for the stage by Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus; From the novel "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll; Incidental music by Richard Addinsell
Conceived by Eva Le Gallienne; Directed by Eva Le Gallienne and John Strasberg; Directed by Eva Le Gallienne and John Strasberg
Scenic Design by John Lee Beatty; Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt; Lighting Design by Jennifer Tipton; Puppet Design by The Puppet People; Sound Design by Jack Mann; Make-Up Design by Fred Patton
General Manager: McCann & Nugent Productions, Inc.; Company Manager: Steven Suskin
Production Stage Manager: Alan Hall; Stage Manager: Ruth E. Rinklin; Assistant Stage Mgr: Skip Harris
Music adapted by Jonathan Tunick; Musical Supervisor: Jonathan Tunick; Conducted by Les Scott; Music Contractor: Seymour 'Red' Press; Assistant Conductor: James Stenborg
Special Effects by Chic Silber
Movement directed by Bambi Linn; Original "Alice in Wonderland" illustrations by John Tenniel; Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; General Press Representative: Solters / Roskin / Friedman, Inc., Joshua Ellis and David LeShay; Production Coordinator: Mary Nealon; Marketing Assistant: James C. Ezzes; Assistant to the Director: Peter Arnott; Special Casting Consultant: Shirley Rich; Animal Trainer: William Berloni Theatrical Animals, Inc.; Photographer: Martha Swope and Associates; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Logo Design by Bob Gill
This production is dedicated to Audrey Wood
Two of Hearts
Five of Spades
March Hare
Front of Horse
White Rabbit
White Knight
Mad Hatter
Two of Spades
Three of Clubs
Ten of Hearts
Old Frog
Eight of Hearts
White Queen
Train Guard
Seven of Spades
Voice of Leg of Mutton
Mary Stuart Masterson
Broadway debut
Small White Rabbit
Four of Hearts
Seven of Hearts
Six of Hearts
Seven of Clubs
Back of Horse
Queen of Hearts
Three of Hearts
Frog Footman
Five of Hearts
Knave of Hearts
Fish Footman
Voice of Cheshire Cat
Ace of Hearts
Man in White Paper
Nine of Hearts
Mock Turtle
White Queen
Red Queen
King of Hearts
Voice of Humpty Dumpty
Understudies: Rebecca Armen (Red Queen), Robert Ott Boyle (Mad Hatter), MacIntyre Dixon (Mouse, Three of Hearts, Tweedledee), Skip Harris (Five of Spades, Tweedledum, Two of Spades, Seven of Clubs, Back of Horse), Nancy Killmer (Eaglet, Two of Hearts, Cook, Nine of Hearts), Nicholas Martin (King of Hearts, Voice of Humpty Dumpty), Steve Massa (Duck, Dormouse, Train Guard), Mary Stuart Masterson (Alice), John Miglietta (Frog Footman, Five of Hearts, Knave of Hearts, Goat), Marti Morris (Small White Rabbit, Four of Hearts), Cliff Rakerd (March Hare, Front of Horse, Queen of Hearts, Fish Footman, Voice of Cheshire Cat, Ace of Hearts, Man in White Paper), John Remme (Voice of Leg of Mutton), Claude-Albert Saucier (Duchess), John Seidman (Five of Spades, Tweedledum), Geddeth Smith (Caterpillar, Ten of Hearts, Sheep), Richard Sterne (Lory, Seven of Hearts, Dodo, Mock Turtle, King of Hearts, Voice of Humpty Dumpty) and Joan White (White Queen)

Tony Award®


Best Costume Design

1983 Nominee
Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt

Drama Desk Award


Outstanding Costume Design

1983 Nominee
Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt

Theatre World


1983 Recipient
Kate Burton
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