Opening Date
May 08, 1961
Closing Date
May 27, 1961


Hudson Theatre
(May 08, 1961 - May 27, 1961)

This production is a return engagement of Becket (Oct 05, 1960 - Mar 25, 1961)

The time is between 1155 and 1170 A.D.

Produced by David Merrick
Written by Jean Anouilh; Translated by Lucienne Hill; Incidental music by Laurence Rosenthal
Staged by Peter Glenville
Scenic Design by Oliver Smith; Lighting Design by Jean Rosenthal; Costume Design by Motley
General Manager: Jack Schlissel; Company Manager: Oliver W. Nicoll
Production Supervisor: Neil Hartley; Production Stage Manager: Lucia Victor; Stage Manager: Frank Dudley; Assistant Stage Mgr: Val Wrenne
Assistant to Oliver Smith: Jack Brown; Production Assistant to Miss Rosenthal: Marian Kinsella
Casting Director: Michael Shurtleff; Press Representative: James D. Proctor; Press Assistant: Judith S. Davidson
Thomas Becket
Henry II
Duke of Normandy and King of England
The Queen Mother
His Daughter
Third English Baron
First Monk from Hastings
Second Servant
A Saxon Peasant
The Pope
A Soldier
The Duke of Arundel
A Young Monk
Henry's Younger Son
A Young Footsoldier
Henry's Page
King of France
Second Monk from Hastings
Second English Baron
The Queen
Wife to Henry
Fourth English Baron
The Bishop of Oxford
William of Corbeil
First French Baron
A French Girl
His Son
A Monk
Secretary to Becket
Gilbert Folliot
Bishop of London
A Servant
Henry's Elder Son
A French Priest
Cardinal Zambelli
The Bishop of York
The Provost Marshall
The Archbishop of Canterbury
Second French Baron
A Priest
Second English Baron
First English Baron
An Old Footsoldier
Standby: Nicolas Coster (Henry II) and Robert Duke (Thomas Becket)
Understudy: Rose Ostro (Gwendolen)

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