Opening Date
Feb 22, 1961
Closing Date
Oct 06, 1962
1st Preview
Feb 21, 1961
1st Preview
Feb 21, 1961


Brooks Atkinson Theatre
(Feb 22, 1961 - Oct 06, 1962)

Alan's apartment in the East 60s, New York City. Early fall.

Theatre Owned / Operated by Michael Myerberg
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Stanley Prager
Scenic Design by Ralph Alswang; Costume Design by Stanley Simmons; Lighting Design by Ralph Alswang
General Manager: Walter Fried; Company Manager: Stewart Long
Production Stage Manager: Frederic de Wilde; Stage Manager: Ronnie Welsh
Press Representative: Merle Debuskey and Dick Weaver; Casting: Lenny-Debin Inc.; Press Assistant: Judith S. Davidson
Alan Baker
Feb 21, 1961 - Jul 14, 1962
Buddy Baker
Mr. Baker
Mrs. Baker
Feb 21, 1961 - Mar 25, 1961
Connie Dayton
A Visitor
Peggy Evans
Understudies: Carolyn Brenner (Mrs. Baker), Martin Huston (Buddy Baker), E. M. Margolese (Mr. Baker), Natalie Ross (Connie Dayton, Peggy Evans) and Fred Starbuck (Alan Baker)

Brooks Atkinson Theatre (Feb 22, 1961 - Oct 06, 1962)

Production Stage Manager: James Russo; Stage Manager: E. M. Margolese; Assistant Stage Mgr: E. M. Margolese
Press Representative: Seymour Krawitz
Exhibition of pastel drawings in promenade by Lou Jacobi


Alan Baker
Jul 16, 1962 - Sep 08, 1962
Alan Baker
Sep 09, 1962 - Oct 06, 1982
Dick Shawn
During Hal March's vacation
Alan Baker
May 29, 1962 - Jun 03, 1962
Mrs. Baker
Mar 27, 1961 - Jun 30, 1961
Buddy Baker
Mrs. Baker
Jul 02, 1962 - Oct 06, 1962
Buddy Baker
Connie Dayton
Understudies: Millette Alexander (Peggy Evans, Connie Dayton), Joan Anderson (Connie Dayton, Peggy Evans), James J. Cordes (Alan Baker) and Ron Rifkin (Buddy Baker)

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