Opening Date
May 31, 1977
Closing Date
Oct 17, 1979
1st Preview
May 26, 1977
1st Preview
May 26, 1977


Winter Garden Theatre
(May 31, 1977 - Feb 25, 1979)
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
(Mar 01, 1979 - Aug 03, 1979)
Palace Theatre
(Aug 03, 1979 - Oct 17, 1979)

No formal opening night was ever scheduled. By agreement with the League of New York Theatres and Producers (now The Broadway League), the opening date was set at 5/31/77 for the record.

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Produced by David Krebs and Steven Leber
Conceived by Steven Leber, David Krebs and Jules Fisher; Featuring songs by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison; Editorial Content by Robert Rabinowitz, Bob Gill and Lynda Obst; Music arranged by Andrew Dorfman and Elliot Rossoff
Production Supervised by Jules Fisher
Scenic Design by Robert D. Mitchell; Sound Design by Abe Jacob; Hair Design by Phyllis Della; Visuals Directed by Charles E. Hoefler; Multi-Media Images by Robert Rabinowitz, Bob Gill, Shep Kerman and Kathleen Rabinowitz; Multi-Media Consultant: John Hoover; Lighting Design by Jules Fisher; Media Technical Advisor: Bob Westerfield; Assistant Lighting Design: Robert Davis
General Manager: Marvin A. Krauss; Company Manager: David Wyler
Production Stage Manager: Robert V. Straus; Stage Manager: John Actman; Assistant Stage Mgr: Gary Schnell
All songs, except where indicated, licensed by ATV Music Group; Musical Supervisor: Sandy Yaguda; Keyboards: Andrew Dorfman; Trumpet: Larry Davidson; Cello: Sally Rosoff; Woodwinds: Mort Silver; Violin: Peter Van Dewater
Guitars by Rickenbacker
Special Consultant: Murray The K; General Press Representative: The Merlin Group, Ltd.; Press Representative: Elizabeth Rodman; Advertising: William Hofstetter, Inc.; Speech Consultant: Carla Meyer
lead guitar
rhythm guitar
bass guitar
Understudies: Randy Clark (rhythm guitar), P. M. Howard (lead guitar), Reed Kailing (bass guitar) and Bobby Taylor (drums)

Winter Garden Theatre (May 31, 1977 - Feb 25, 1979)

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (Mar 01, 1979 - Aug 03, 1979)

Assistant Stage Mgr: Bigelow Green

Palace Theatre (Aug 03, 1979 - Oct 17, 1979)

Associate Lighting Design: Robert Davis
Company Manager: Bob Skerry; Associate Gen. Mgr: Gary Gunas
Assistant Stage Mgr: Bigelow Green
Musical Coordinator: Earl Shendell
General Press Representative: Solters & Roskin, Inc.

Tony Award®


Best Lighting Design

1978 Nominee
Lighting Design by Jules Fisher

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