Opening Date
Mar 06, 2014
Closing Date
Jun 29, 2014
1st Preview
Feb 10, 2014
1st Preview
Feb 10, 2014


Neil Simon Theatre
(Mar 06, 2014 - Jun 29, 2014)

Washington, DC; Atlantic City; Atlanta; Mississippi. November, 1963-November, 1964.

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Directed by Bill Rauch; Associate Director: Emily Sophia Knapp
Scenic Design by Christopher Acebo; Costume Design by Deborah M. Dryden; Lighting Design by Jane Cox; Sound Design by Paul James Prendergast; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Projection Design by Shawn Sagady; Associate Scenic Design: Steven C. Kemp; Associate Costume Design: Sarah Smith; Associate Lighting Design: Porsche McGovern; Associate Projection Design: Michael Clark; Moving Light Programmer: Jay Penfield; Assistant Sound Design: Kevin Heard; Watchout Projection Programming: Paul Vershbow
General Manager: Richards / Climan, Inc.; Company Manager: Alexandra Agosta; Assistant Co. Mgr: Kendall Booher
Technical Supervisor: Hudson Theatrical Associates; Production Stage Manager: Matthew Farrell; Stage Manager: James Latus
Dramaturg: Tom Bryant; Dialect Coach: Rebecca Clark Carey; Casting: Telsey + Company and Will Cantler, CSA; Projection Consultant: Wendall K. Harrington; Sound Consultant: Peter Fitzgerald; Press Representative: Irene Gandy and Alana Karpoff; Advertising: AKA; Interactive Marketing: Broadway's Best Shows and Andy Drachenberg; Photographer: Evgenia Eliseeva; Press Associate: Christopher Pineda; Website/Design/Online Marketing Strategy: AKA
Bryan Cranston
Broadway debut
President Lyndon Baines Johnson
Bob Moses
COFO co-director
David Dennis
CORE leader, MS
Lady Bird Johnson
First Lady
Katharine Graham
Washington Post publisher
Rep. Katharine St. George, R-NY
Rev. Ralph Abernathy
SCLC secretary-treasurer
White House Aide/Butler
Gov. George Wallace, D-AL
Rep. James Corman, D-CA
Joseph Alsop
Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-MT
Walter Reuther
president of UAW
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
SCLC president
Robert McNamara
Secretary of Defense
Sen. James Eastland, D-MS
Rep. William Moore McCulloch, R-OH
Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr., D-MS
Roy Wilkins
NAACP executive director
Aaron Henry
MFDP delegate
Sen. Strom Thurmond, D-SC
White House Aide/Butler
James Harrison
SCLC accountant
Stokely Carmichael
SNCC organizer
J. Edgar Hoover
FBI director
Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV
Sen. Richard Russell, D-GA
Walter Jenkins
top aide to LBJ
Rep. William Colmer, D-MS
Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-MN
Stanley Levison
SCLC advisor
Rep. John McCormack, D-MA
Seymore Trammell
District Attorney in Alabama
Rev. Edwin King
MFDP organizer
Cartha "Deke" DeLoach
FBI deputy director
Rep. Howard "Judge" Smith, D-VA
Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-IL
Gov. Carl Sanders, D-GA
Coretta Scott King
Fannie Lou Hamer
SNCC organizer
Lurleen Wallace
Muriel Humphrey
Sen. Maurine Neuberger, D-OR
Sen. Karl Mundt, R-SD
White House Aide/Butler
Rep. Emanuel Celler, D-NY
White House Aide/Butler
Understudies: Tony Carlin (Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-MN, J. Edgar Hoover, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV, Sen. Richard Russell, D-GA, Cartha "Deke" DeLoach, Rep. Howard "Judge" Smith, D-VA, Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-IL, Gov. Carl Sanders, D-GA, Rep. Emanuel Celler, D-NY, White House Aide/Butler), Gina Daniels (Coretta Scott King, Fannie Lou Hamer), Christopher Gurr (Gov. George Wallace, D-AL, Rep. James Corman, D-CA, Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-MT, Walter Reuther, Walter Jenkins, Rep. William Colmer, D-MS), Danny Johnson (Bob Moses, David Dennis, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, White House Aide/Butler, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Roy Wilkins, Aaron Henry, Shoeshiner, James Harrison, Stokely Carmichael), Monette Magrath (Lady Bird Johnson, Katharine Graham, Rep. Katharine St. George, R-NY, Secretary, Lurleen Wallace, Muriel Humphrey, White House Aide, Maid), Bill Timoney (Robert McNamara, Sen. James Eastland, D-MS, Rep. William Moore McCulloch, R-OH, Sen. Strom Thurmond, D-SC, Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr., D-MS, White House Aide/Butler) and Steve Vinovich (President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Stanley Levison, Rep. John McCormack, D-MA, Seymore Trammell, Rev. Edwin King)

Neil Simon Theatre (Mar 06, 2014 - Jun 29, 2014)

Substitute Stage Manager: Jeff Brancato

Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Actor in a Play

2014 Winner
Bryan Cranston

Outstanding Sound Design in a Play

2014 Nominee
Sound Design by Paul James Prendergast

Outstanding Director of a Play

2014 Nominee
Directed by Bill Rauch

Outstanding Projection Design

2014 Nominee
Projection Design by Shawn Sagady

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2014 Recipient
Bryan Cranston
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