Opening Date

Jun 09, 1983

Closing Date

Mar 04, 1984

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


Original New York Production Directed by Robert Moore; Original New York Production Choreographed by Tony Charmoli
Book by Peter Stone; Music by John Kander; Lyrics by Fred Ebb; Based on the MGM film by Ring Lardner, Jr. and Michael Kanin; Music orchestrated by Michael Gibson; Vocal arrangements by Donald Pippin; Dance arrangements by Glen Roven; Musical Director: Jay Blackton
Directed by Joe Layton; Choreographed by Joe Layton
Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge; Lighting Design by Marilyn Rennagel; Sound Design by Abe Jacob; Animations by Michael Sporn; Hair Styles by Masarone
General Manager: Marvin A. Krauss
Production Stage Manager: Jay B. Jacobson
Music published by Tommy Valando
Casting: Julie Hughes and Barry Moss; Production Associate: Denny Shearer
Tess Harding
Jan Donovan
Sam Craig
Ellis McMaster
Pinky Peters
Prima Ballerina
Chip Salisbury
Larry Donovan
Alexi Petrikov
Phil Witaker
Abbott Canfield
Ballet Mistress
Floor Manager
Understudies: Bill Bateman (Gerald), Belle Calaway (Tess Harding), Del Hinkley (Sam Craig), Fitzhugh G. Houston (Phil Witaker), Michael Laughlin (Abbott Canfield, Ellis McMaster), Greg Mowry (Alexi Petrikov), Michael Norris (Chip Salisbury), Dennis Parlato (Larry Donovan), Cathy Susan Pyles (Jan Donovan), Sybil Scotford (Helga) and Denny Shearer (Pinky Peters)


Alexi Petrikov
music by John Kander; lyrics by Fred Ebb
Act 1
Sung By
Woman of the Year
Tess Harding and Women
See You in the Funny Papers
Sam Craig
When You're Right, You're Right
Tess Harding and Gerald
Shut Up, Gerald
Tess Harding, Sam Craig and Gerald
So What Else is New
Sam Craig and Katz
The Poker Game
Abbott Canfield, Phil Witaker, Pinky Peters, Ellis McMaster, Maury and Cartoonists
One of the Boys
Tess Harding, Phil Witaker, Pinky Peters, Abbott Canfield, Ellis McMaster, Maury, Tony and Cartoonists
Table Talk
Tess Harding and Sam Craig
The Two of Us
Tess Harding, Sam Craig, Gerald, Chip Salisbury, Prescott, Gordon, Helga and Neighbors
It Isn't Working
Abbott Canfield, Phil Witaker, Pinky Peters, Ellis McMaster, Chip Salisbury, Gerald, Helga and New Yorkers
I Told You So
Gerald and Helga
Woman of the Year (Reprise)
Tess Harding
Act 2
Sung By
I Wrote the Book
Tess Harding, Abbott Canfield, Phil Witaker, Pinky Peters and Ellis McMaster
Happy in the Morning
Alexi Petrikov, Tess Harding, Ballet Mistress, Prima Ballerina and Ballet Troupe
Sometimes a Day Goes By
Sam Craig
The Grass is Always Greener
Tess Harding and Jan Donovan
Open the Window, Sam
Tess Harding and Company
Tess Harding and Sam Craig
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City and State

Feb 14, 1984 - Mar 04, 1984
Chicago, IL
Jan 10, 1984 - Feb 12, 1984
Washington, DC
Dec 23, 1983 - Jan 08, 1984
Detroit, MI
Dec 09, 1983 - Dec 18, 1983
St. Louis, MO
Nov 08, 1983 - Dec 04, 1983
Seattle, WA
Sep 20, 1983 - Nov 06, 1983
San Francisco, CA
Jun 09, 1983 - Sep 17, 1983
Los Angeles, CA