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Oct 08, 2013

Closing Date

Aug 24, 2014

MusicalOriginalNational Tour


Original West End production directed by Christopher Renshaw
Story and Script by Ben Elton; Music by Queen; Lyrics by Queen; Music orchestrated by Steve Sidwell; Musical Director: Rick Hip-Flores; Featuring songs by David Bowie; Featuring songs with lyrics by David Bowie
Directed by Ben Elton; Musical Staging and Choreographer: Arlene Phillips; Associate Director: Tracey Flye; Associate Choreographer: Tracey Flye; Senior Assistant Choreographer: Kelly Fletcher Pedneault; Assistant Choreographer: Marc Kimelman
Original Production Designer: Mark Fisher; Costume Design by Tim Goodchild; Lighting Design by Willie Williams; Sound Design by Bobby Aitken; Hair Design by John 'Jack' Curtin; Make-Up Design by John 'Jack' Curtin; Video Director: Mark Fisher and Willie Williams; Associate Scenic Design: Ric Lipson; Associate Costume Design: David Newell; Associate Lighting Design: Anthony Pearson; Associate Sound Design: Garth Helm; Assistant Costume Design: Brooke Cohen; Moving Light Programmer: Dieter Broemson
Executive Producer: Seth Wenig; General Manager: Gentry & Associates, Inc., Dawn Kusinski and Guy Jordin Heard; Company Manager: Jamey Jennings; Assistant Co. Mgr: Brad Broman
Production Manager: Ben Neafus; Production Stage Manager: Gregory R. Covert; Stage Manager: Melissa Chacón; Assistant Stage Mgr: Caroline Walker
Musical Supervisor: Mike Dixon, Brian May and Roger Taylor; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Associate Musical Supervisor: Matt Spencer-Smith; Conducted by Rick Hip-Flores; Keyboards: Justin Hornback and Emily Marshall; Guitar: Tristan Avakian and Bob Wegner; Bass: Mike Cohen; Percussion: David Stevens; Drums: Danny Young; Keyboard Programmer: Hiro Iida and Jeff Leach
Casting: Duncan Stewart, C.S.A., Benton Whitley, C.S.A. and Duncan Stewart and Company; Tour Press and Marketing: Allied Live; Tour Booking: The Road Company; Queen Management: Jim Beach; National Press Representatives: Shore Fire Media; Videographer: HMS Media; Photographer: Michael Brosilow, Kyle Froman and Paul Kolnik; Dance Captain: Samantha Berman; Assistant Dance Captain: Jason Sermonia
Killer Queen
Teen Queen
Teen Queen
Teen Queen
Teen Queen
Understudies: Danny Balkwill (Khashoggi, Buddy, Brit), Jessica Crouch (Killer Queen, Oz), Saccha Dennis (Killer Queen), Daniel Greenberg (Galileo, Buddy), William Joseph Lewis (Galileo), Brooke Morrison (Oz), Jennifer Noble (Scaramouche), Fred Odgaard (Khashoggi), Patrick Ortiz (Brit) and Stephanie Sy (Scaramouche)
music by Queen; lyrics by Queen
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Freddie and Company
Radio Ga Ga
GaGa Kids
I Want To Break Free
Galileo and Scaramouche
Somebody to Love
Scaramouche and Teen Queens
Killer Queen
Killer Queen and her Globalsoft Executives
Now I'm Here
Killer Queen and her Globalsoft Executives
Under Pressure
(music by David Bowie and Queen; lyrics by David Bowie and Queen)
Galileo and Scaramouche
A Kind of Magic
Killer Queen, her Globalsoft Executives and Khashoggi
I Want It All
Brit, Oz and Company
You're My Best Friend
Galileo and Scaramouche
Oz, Brit, Galileo and Scaramouche
No-One But You
Oz and Bohemians
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Brit, Oz, Galileo, Scaramouche and Bohemians
Act 2
Sung By
Seven Seas of Rhye
Khashoggi and Bohemians
Who Wants To Live Forever
Scaramouche and Galileo
Fat Bottomed Girls
Killer Queen and her Ladies in Waiting
Another One Bites The Dust
Killer Queen
Hammer to Fall
Galileo and Scaramouche
These are the Days of Our Lives
Buddy and Bohemians
Headlong (Reprise)
Scaramouche, Galileo and Buddy
We Will Rock You
Galileo and Company
We Are The Champions
Galileo and Company
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Jul 15, 2014 - Aug 24, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 08, 2014 - Jul 13, 2014
Seattle, WA
Jun 17, 2014 - Jun 22, 2014
Kansas City, MO
Jun 10, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014
Des Moines, IA
Jun 03, 2014 - Jun 08, 2014
Washington, DC
May 27, 2014 - Jun 01, 2014
Charlotte, NC
May 13, 2014 - May 18, 2014
Tampa, FL
Apr 29, 2014 - May 10, 2014
Toronto, ON
Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
New Haven, CT
Apr 22, 2014 - Apr 23, 2014
Morgantown, WV
Apr 15, 2014 - Apr 20, 2014
Providence, RI
Apr 01, 2014 - Apr 13, 2014
Detroit, MI
Mar 18, 2014 - Mar 30, 2014
St. Louis, MO
Mar 04, 2014 - Mar 16, 2014
Dallas, TX
Jan 21, 2014 - Feb 02, 2014
Houston, TX
Jan 14, 2014 - Jan 19, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Jan 07, 2014 - Jan 12, 2014
Columbus, OH
Dec 17, 2013 - Dec 22, 2013
Fort Myers, FL
Nov 29, 2013 - Dec 01, 2013
Schenectady, NY
Nov 26, 2013 - Nov 27, 2013
Thunder Bay, ON
Nov 19, 2013 - Nov 24, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
Nov 12, 2013 - Nov 17, 2013
Nashville, TN
Nov 05, 2013 - Nov 10, 2013
Boston, MA
Oct 29, 2013 - Nov 03, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 22, 2013 - Oct 27, 2013
Chicago, IL
Oct 15, 2013 - Oct 20, 2013
Baltimore, MD
Oct 08, 2013 - Oct 13, 2013
Utica, NY