Opening Date

Oct 11, 2011

Closing Date

Nov 18, 2012

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Summer. St. Tropez, France.

Book by Harvey Fierstein; Music by Jerry Herman; Lyrics by Jerry Herman; Based on the play 'La Cage aux Folles' by Jean Poiret; Music orchestrated by Jason Carr; Dance arrangements by Jason Carr; Musical Director: Joey Chancey
Directed by Terry Johnson; Choreographed by Lynne Page; Associate Choreographer: Nicholas Cunningham; Assistant Director: Kristen Harris
Scenic Design by Tim Shortall; Costume Design by Matthew Wright; Lighting Design by Nick Richings; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans; Wig & Makeup Design: Richard Mawbey; Associate Scenic Design: Bryan Johnson and David Farley; Associate Lighting Design: Vivien Leone; Associate Sound Design: Brian Hsieh; Associate Costume Design: Jessica Worsnop
Company Manager: Bill Schaeffer; General Manager: Gentry & Associates, Inc. and Dawn Kusinski; Executive Producer: Alecia Parker and Kary M. Walker
Production Manager: Hector Guivas; Production Stage Manager: Michael McGoff; Stage Manager: Karyn Meek; Assistant Stage Mgr: Kate McDoniel
Musical Supervisor: Todd Ellison; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Joey Chancey; Associate Conductor: Ryan Cantwell; Synthesizer: Joey Chancey and Ryan Cantwell; Drums/Percussion: Brad Flickinger; Trumpet: Bill Dowling
Casting: Duncan Stewart and Company and Duncan Stewart, C.S.A.; Booking Agent: The Booking Group and Meredith Blair; Tour Press & Marketing: Anita Dloniak & Associates, Inc.; Print Design, Radio Spot Production, and Television Spot Design/Video Production by SPOTCo, Inc.; Website: SPOTCo, Inc. and Pitbull Interactive; Dance Captain: Christophe Caballero; Assistant Dance Captain: Matt Anctil; Fight direction by Karla Kash and Peter Moore
Mme. Renaud
St. Tropez Townsperson
Mme. Dindon
M. Dindon
St. Tropez Townsperson
Mme. Renaud
St. Tropez Townsperson
La Cagelle
St. Tropez Townsperson
La Cagelle
St. Tropez Townsperson
La Cagelle
La Cagelle
La Cagelle
La Cagelle
St. Tropez Townsperson
M. Dindon
Understudies: Ashley Kate Adams (Mme. Dindon, Anne, Jacqueline), Christophe Caballero (Francis, Jacob), Ken Clark (Jean-Michel), SuEllen Estey (Mme. Renaud, Mme. Dindon, Jacqueline), Dale Hensley (Georges, Albin), Rylyn Juliano (Anne, Cagelle), Julie Kavanagh (Anne, Jacqueline), Logan Keslar (Jean-Michel), Todd Lattimore (Cagelle), Donald C. Shorter Jr. (Jacob), Todd Thurston (Georges, M. Dindon, M. Renaud, Francis) and Danny Vaccaro (Albin, M. Renaud)
Musical Director: Richard Carsey
Associate Director: Tony Spinosa
Assistant Stage Mgr: Vanessa Coakley
Trumpet: Jeffrey Kievit


M. Renaud
M. Dindon
St. Tropez Townsperson
St. Tropez Townsperson
St. Tropez Townsperson
Understudies: Wilson Bridges (Jean-Michel), Katie Donohue (Anne, Jacqueline, Mme. Renaud, Mme. Dindon), Julie Kavanagh (Mme. Renaud, Mme. Dindon) and Lauren Sprague (Cagelle, Anne)
music by Jerry Herman; lyrics by Jerry Herman
Act 1
Sung By
We Are What We Are
Cagelles and Georges
A Little More Mascara
Albin and Georges
With Anne on My Arm
Georges and Jean-Michel
With You on My Arm
Albin and Georges
Song on the Sand
La Cage aux Folles
I Am What I Am
Act 2
Sung By
Song on the Sand (Reprise)
Albin and Georges
Albin, Georges, M. Renaud, Mme. Renaud and Tabarro
Look Over There
Cocktail Counterpoint
Anne, M. Dindon, Mme. Dindon, Georges, Jacob and Jean-Michel
The Best of Times
Look Over There (Reprise)
Georges and Jean-Michel
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