Opening Date

Dec 15, 1973

Closing Date

Oct 20, 1974

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The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
The mid-1930s. On and around the campus of Tait College.

Produced by Harry Rigby; Associate Producer: Robert Anglund, Stan Hurwitz and Frank Mantalvo
Book by Laurence Schwab, B.G. DeSylva and Frank Mandel; Words & Music by B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson; Book adapted by Abe Burrows; Incidental Music Composed by Luther Henderson; Dance Music Arranged by Luther Henderson; Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang; Vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin and Timothy Gray; Musical Director: Liza Redfield
Directed by Abe Burrows; Musical Numbers Staged by Donald Saddler; Assistant Choreographer: Arthur Faria
Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager; Costume Design by Donald Brooks; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Sound Design by Tony Alloy; Hair Styles by Masarone; Make-Up Design by Masarone
General Manager: Joseph Harris and Ira Bernstein; Company Manager: Archie Thomson
Production Stage Manager: Robert D. Currie; Stage Manager: Lee Murray; Assistant Stage Mgr: Craig Jacobs
Musical Supervisor: Hugh Martin and Timothy Gray; Music Preparation Supervisor: Thomas P. Brown; Assistant Conductor: Mel Pahl
Casting: Howard Feuer; General Press Representative: Henry Luhrman Associates; Photographer: Martha Swope
Charlotte Kenyon
role was changed to Professor Kenyon during run
Pooch Kearney
Bill Johnson
Bobby Randall
Beef Saunders
Babe O'Day
Connie Lane
Tom Marlowe
Understudies: Tommy Breslin (Bobby Randall), Paula Cinko (Pat), Terry Eno (Tom Marlowe), Anne Kaye (Connie Lane), Ernie Pysher (Beef Saunders), Jana Robbins (Charlotte Kenyon), Randall Robbins (Bill Johnson) and Rebecca Urich (Babe O'Day)
Produced with Terry Allen Kramer
Dance Music Arranged by Philip J. Lang
Press Representative: Terry Lilley


Happy Days Quartet
Baton Twirler
Baton Twirler
Baton Twirler
Beautiful Girl
Colton Player
Happy Days Quartet
Happy Days Quartet
Happy Days Quartet
Understudies: Jimmy Brennan (Pooch Kearney, Sylvester), Buttons (Muffin), Tim Cassidy (Slats), Robin Gerson (Flo), Sally O'Donnell (Flo), David Thomé (Windy) and Marcia Lynn Watkins (Millie)
music by Ray Henderson; lyrics by B.G. DeSylva and Lew Brown
Act 1
Sung By
Happy Days
He's a Ladies' Man
Pat, Millie, Flo and Students
The Best Things in Life are Free
Charlotte Kenyon and Girls
Just Imagine
Connie Lane, Pat, Millie and Flo
Happy Days (Reprise)
Tom Marlowe, Pat, Millie, Flo and Sylvester
Button Up Your Overcoat
Bobby Randall and Babe O'Day
On the Campus
Tom Marlowe, Pooch Kearney, Windy and Students
You're the Cream in My Coffee
Charlotte Kenyon and Bill Johnson
Varsity Drag
Babe O'Day and Students
Lucky in Love
Connie Lane and Tom Marlowe
Charlotte Kenyon
Tait Song
Bill Johnson, Pooch Kearney and Students
Lucky in Love (Reprise)
Good News
Act 2
Sung By
Today's the Day
Girl of the Pi Beta Phi
Pat and Girls
Never Swat a Fly
Bobby Randall and Babe O'Day
Good News
Charlotte Kenyon, Connie Lane and Girls
Good News (Reprise)
Bill Johnson and Students
Keep Your Sunny Side Up
Pooch Kearney, Sylvester and Boys
After Commencement
Millie and Flo
I Want to Be Bad
Charlotte Kenyon
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Sep 04, 1974 - Oct 20, 1974
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 12, 1974 - Sep 01, 1974
Chicago, IL
Aug 05, 1974 - Aug 10, 1974
St. Louis, MO
Jun 26, 1974 - Aug 03, 1974
Chicago, IL
May 07, 1974 - Jun 22, 1974
San Francisco, CA
Apr 22, 1974 - May 04, 1974
Cincinnati, OH
Mar 18, 1974 - Apr 20, 1974
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Feb 20, 1974 - Mar 16, 1974
Philadelphia, PA
Jan 30, 1974 - Feb 16, 1974
Washington, DC
Jan 14, 1974 - Jan 26, 1974
Toronto, ON
Dec 15, 1973 - Jan 12, 1974
Boston, MA