Opening Date

Sep 12, 1977

Closing Date

Aug 05, 1978

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


Chicago, Illinois. The late 1920s.

Produced by Robert Fryer and James Cresson; Produced in association with Martin Richards, Joseph Harris and Ira Bernstein
Book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse; Music by John Kander; Lyrics by Fred Ebb; Based on the play 'Chicago' by Maurine Dallas Watkins; Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns; Dance arrangements by Peter Howard; Musical Director: Arthur Wagner
Directed by Bob Fosse; Choreographed by Bob Fosse; Assistant Choreographer: Tony Stevens
Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Costume Design by Patricia Zipprodt; Lighting Design by Jules Fisher; Sound Design by Abe Jacob; Hair Styles by Romaine Green
General Manager: Joseph Harris and Ira Bernstein; Associate Manager: Frank Scardino; Company Manager: Bruce Laffey
Production Stage Manager: Ed Aldridge; Stage Manager: Craig Jacobs and Paul Phillips
Orchestra Contractor: Mel Rodnon; Music Preparation Supervisor: Mathilde Pincus and Al Miller
Casting Consultant: Michael Shurtleff; General Press Representative: The Merlin Group, Ltd.; Advertising: Matthew Serino and The Blaine Thompson Company
Billy Flynn
Sep 12, 1977 - Apr 02, 1978
Amos Hart
Velma Kelly
Sep 12, 1977 - Apr 02, 1978
Mary Sunshine
Roxie Hart
Sep 12, 1977 - Apr 02, 1978
Fred Casely
Court Clerk
Martin Harrison
Sergeant Fogarty
Understudies: Kirsten Childs (Velma Kelly), D. Kottke (Mary Sunshine), James Lockhart (Amos Hart), Susan Streater (Roxie Hart), Karen Tamburrelli (Matron) and Geoffrey Webb (Billy Flynn)


Amos Hart
Apr 04, 1978 - Aug 05, 1978
Velma Kelly
Apr 04, 1978 - Aug 05, 1978
Roxie Hart
Apr 04, 1978 - Aug 05, 1978
Understudy: J. Ryan (Mary Sunshine)
music by John Kander; lyrics by Fred Ebb
Act 1
Sung By
All That Jazz
Velma Kelly and Company
Funny Honey
Roxie Hart
Cell Block Tango
Velma Kelly and the Girls
When You're Good To Mama
Tap Dance
Roxie Hart, Amos Hart and Boys
All I Care About
Billy Flynn and Girls
A Little Bit of Good
Mary Sunshine
We Both Reached For The Gun
Billy Flynn, Roxie Hart, Mary Sunshine and Company
Roxie Hart and Boys
I Can't Do It Alone
Velma Kelly
Chicago After Midnight
The Band
My Own Best Friend
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
Act 2
Sung By
I Know a Girl
Velma Kelly
Me and My Baby
Roxie Hart and Boys
Mister Cellophane
Amos Hart
When Velma Takes the Stand
Velma Kelly and Boys
Razzle Dazzle
Billy Flynn and Company
Velma Kelly and Matron
Roxie Hart
Nowadays (Reprise)
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
Keep It Hot
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
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City and State

Jun 27, 1978 - Aug 05, 1978
San Francisco, CA
May 09, 1978 - Jun 25, 1978
Los Angeles, CA
Feb 23, 1978 - May 06, 1978
Chicago, IL
Feb 07, 1978 - Feb 19, 1978
Philadelphia, PA
Jan 17, 1978 - Feb 04, 1978
Baltimore, MD
Jan 02, 1978 - Jan 15, 1978
Cleveland, OH
Nov 29, 1977 - Dec 31, 1977
Detroit, MI
Nov 15, 1977 - Nov 27, 1977
Miami, FL
Oct 17, 1977 - Nov 12, 1977
Toronto, ON
Sep 12, 1977 - Oct 15, 1977
Boston, MA