PlayDrama HistoryRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Oct 03, 1938
Closing Date
Dec 1938
PlayDrama HistoryRevivalBroadway


Martin Beck Theatre
(Oct 03, 1938 - Dec 1938)

England in 1837-1897

The show was revived for a limited engagement with plans to send the production on a brief tour later, but renewed popularity--so soon after the original production--kept it in New York past the holidays.

Produced by Gilbert Miller
Written by Laurence Housman; Incidental Music Arranged by: Walter Leigh; Musical arrangements and orchestra under the direction of: Alexander Haas
Staged by Gilbert Miller; Stage Director Peter Mather
Entire Production Designed by Rex Whistler
General Manager: Harry Fleischman; Company Manager: Harry Essex
Stage Manager: Tom Woods; Assistant Stage Mgr: David Gray, Jr.; General Stage Director Lewis Allen
Press Representative: Helen Deutsch
Prince Albert
Mr. Oakley
Royal Footman
First Princess
An Imperial Highness
Second Princess
Prince Ernest
Second Foreign Prince
Duchess of Kent
Lord Melbourne
Mr. Richards
Albert's Valet
John Brown
Second Princess
Queen's Attendant
Lady Muriel
Fourth Princess
Lady Grace
A Footman
Third Queen's Gentleman
Duchess of Sutherland
Second Queen's Gentleman
Third Foreign Prince
Mr. Anson
Albert's Secretary
Sir Arthur Bigge
A Court Usher
First Queen's Gentleman
Archbishop of Canterbury
Queen's Granddaughter
A Maidservant
Queen's Grandson
Benjamin Disraeli
Earl of Beaconsfield
A Footman
Lady Jane
Lord Conyngham
General Grey
The Queen's Secretary
His Royal Highness

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