PlayComedy MelodramaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Apr 06, 1987
Closing Date
Aug 01, 1987
1st Preview
Apr 01, 1987
1st Preview
Apr 01, 1987
PlayComedy MelodramaOriginalBroadway


Longacre Theatre
(Apr 06, 1987 - Aug 01, 1987)

An estate in Chappaqua, New York. The time is December 1940. When the play opens, it is midnight...naturally.

Produced by Bill Wildin
Originally produced by The Circle Repertory Company
Written by John Bishop; Incidental music by Ted Simons
Directed by John Bishop
Scenic Design by David Potts; Costume Design by Jennifer von Mayrhauser; Lighting Design by Jeff Davis; Sound Design by Chuck London Media and Stewart Werner; Hair Design by James Sarzoti; Make-Up Design by James Sarzoti
Production Stage Manager: Fred Reinglas; Stage Manager: Leslie Loeb; Technical Supervisor: Technical Theater Services, Ltd.; Special Production Advisor: Jody Boese; Electrical Supervisor: Brian Lynch
General Press Representative: Jeffrey Richards Associates; Dramaturg: Joe Mathewson; Dialect Coach: Curt Vogelsang; Photographer: Martha Swope and Carol Rosegg
Ken de la Maize
Dorothy Cantwell
Broadway debut
Nikki Crandall
Michael Kelly
Eddie McCuen
Marjorie Baverstock
Elsa von Grossenknueten
Helsa Wenzel
Bernice Roth
Roger Hopewell
Patrick O'Reilly
Understudies: Susan Bruce (Nikki Crandall, Helsa Wenzel), Mark Enis (Michael Kelly, Eddie McCuen), Matthew Gottlieb (Ken de la Maize, Roger Hopewell, Patrick O'Reilly) and Elizabeth Perry (Elsa von Grossenknueten, Marjorie Baverstock, Bernice Roth)

Longacre Theatre (Apr 06, 1987 - Aug 01, 1987)


Patrick O'Reilly
Bernice Roth
Elsa von Grossenknueten
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