Opening Date
Oct 31, 1904
Closing Date
Nov 05, 1904


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Haverly's 14th Street Theatre
(Oct 31, 1904 - Nov 05, 1904)

A musical in two acts

Opera House, George's Mills, New Hampshire, Hemlock's Grocery Store and Hotel

Book by George Totten Smith; Musical Director: Edwin L. Walker; Featuring songs with lyrics by Edward P Moran
Production Supervised by Sam Marion
Scenic Design by Ernest Albert; Costume Design by Mme. Freisinger and Thomas McIlvaine
Bo Nagel
Dura Chase
Novelty Comedy Four
Gloriana Bird
Pinkerton Pinch
Mrs. Sawyer
Jersuha Pickens
Segaro Garcio
Noah Kidhart
Novelty Comedy Four
Austin Russell
Trixy Tirl
Wilber Young
Jessie Joy
Billy Carter
MacCullough Muggs
Lillie Laugh
Silas Hemlock
Manuel Alvorez
Senor Pesacos
Senor Lopez
Sally Hemlock
R.T.D. Boggs
Sally Singer
Carlos Pedro
Becky Skinner
Orlando Boyce
Novelty Comedy Four
Tessie Tease
Adamio Patto
Kerry Baggage
Winnie Wink
Kitty Kick
Luther Chase
Daisy Dance
Sadie Smile
Sam Sellars
Tracy Colby
Don Pediero
Rosario Contraro
Sweat Perkins
May B. Wright
Henry Stickney
Novelty Comedy Four
Patsy Bolivar
Alonzo Dorez
Carrie Chirp
Bessie Blush
Bert Martin
Act 1
Sung By
The Painters and the Rube
Novelty Comedy Four, Bert Martin, Tracy Colby, Luther Chase and Bo Nagel
The Greatest Show on Earth
MacCullough Muggs and Chorus
Gloriana Bird and Chorus
Patsy Bolivar
Patsy Bolivar and Chorus
Girly, Girly
(music by John Stromberg; lyrics by Edgar Smith)
Gloriana Bird and Sam Sellars
Say, Sal
Patsy Bolivar, Sally Hemlock and Chorus
Spain, Beautiful Spain
Gloriana Bird, Patsy Bolivar and Chorus
The Katydid (the Cricket and the Frog)
(music by James Weldon Johnson; lyrics by Bob Cole)
Sally Hemlock, MacCullough Muggs, Silas Hemlock and May B. Wright
The Battle of the Daisies and the Ferns
Gloriana Bird and Entire Company
Act 2
Sung By
Mary Canary
(music by Seymour Furth; lyrics by Edward P Moran)
Gloriana Bird and Full Chorus
(Poor) Robinson Crusoe
(music by Seymour Furth; lyrics by Edward P Moran)
Patsy Bolivar and Chorus
Isn't It Lovely to Be on the Stage
Gloriana Bird and Patsy Bolivar

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