Opening Date
Dec 11, 2011
Closing Date
Jan 29, 2012
1st Preview
Nov 12, 2011
1st Preview
Nov 12, 2011


St. James Theatre
(Dec 11, 2011 - Jan 29, 2012)

New York City, 1974

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Music by Burton Lane; Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner; New Book by Peter Parnell; Re-conceived by Michael Mayer; Based on the Original Book by Alan Jay Lerner; Musical Director: Lawrence Yurman; Music arranged by Lawrence Yurman; Music orchestrated by Doug Besterman; Additional orchestrations by Larry Blank
Directed by Michael Mayer; Choreographed by JoAnn M. Hunter; Associate Director: Austin Regan; Associate Choreographer: Scott Taylor
Scenic Design by Christine Jones; Costume Design by Catherine Zuber; Lighting Design by Kevin Adams; Sound Design by Peter Hylenski; Hair and Wig Design by Tom Watson; Associate Scenic Design: Edward Coco; Associate Costume Design: Ryan Park; Associate Lighting Design: Joel Silver; Moving Light Programmer: Victor Seastone; Associate Sound Design: Keith Caggiano; Make-Up Design by Ashley Ryan; Assistant Scenic Design: Brett Banakis, Jonathan Collins and Michael Riha; Assistant Costume Design: Patrick Bevilacqua and David Newell; Assistant Lighting Design: Paul Toben; Hair Supervisor: Joshua Gericke
General Manager: The Charlotte Wilcox Company; Company Manager: James Lawson; Assistant Co. Mgr: Francesca De La Vega; Associate Gen. Mgr: Seth Marquette; Assistant Gen. Mgr: Regina Mancha
Production Stage Manager: Lisa Iacucci; Stage Manager: Rachel Wolff; Assistant Stage Mgr: Steve Henry; Technical Supervisor: Hudson Theatrical Associates
Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Lawrence Yurman; Associate Conductor: David J. Hahn; Woodwinds: Geoff Burke, Charlie Pillow and Don McGeen; Trumpets: Gregory L. Gisbert and Kevin Bryan; Trombones: Dion Tucker and Joe Barati; French Horn: Patrick Pridemore; Guitar: Jack Cavari; Bass: Neal Caine; Drums: Paul Pizzuti; Percussion: Javier Diaz; Keyboards: David J. Hahn and Karl Mansfield; Harp: Anna Reinersman; Violins: Sylvia D'Avanzo and Louise Owen; Cello: Amy Ralske; Music Preparation: Anixter Rice Music Services
Dance Captain: Patrick O'Neill; Casting: Jim Carnahan, C.S.A. and Stephen Kopel; Press Representative: The Hartman Group; Advertising: Serino Coyne; Marketing: Type A Marketing and Anne Rippey; Digital Outreach & Website: Serino Coyne, Jim Glaub, Crystal Chase and Whitney Creighton; Photographer: Paul Kolnik
Dr. Mark Bruckner
Melinda Wells
David Gamble
Cynthia Roland
Leora Kahn
Club Vedado Singer
Betsy Rappaport
Radio Singer
Radio Singer
Stage Manager
Warren Smith
Radio Singer
Dr. Leo Kravis
Mr. Van Deusen
Gene Miller
Wesley Porter (1974)
Dr. Sharone Stein
Wesley Porter (1944)
Muriel Bunson
Mrs. Hatch
Mrs. Lloyd
Radio Singer
Standby: Sean Allan Krill (Dr. Mark Bruckner) and Julie Reiber (Melinda Wells)
Understudies: Heather Ayers (Dr. Sharone Stein), Benjamin Eakeley (Warren Smith), Alex Ellis (Muriel Bunson), Kendal Hartse (Leora Kahn, Betsy Rappaport, Cynthia Roland, Club Vedado Singer, Radio Singer), Philip Hoffman (Anton, Dr. Leo Kravis, Gene Miller, Maurice, Wesley Porter (1974), Mr. Van Deusen), Tyler Maynard (David Gamble), Zachary Prince (David Gamble, Warren Smith), Christianne Tisdale (Vera, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Lloyd, Radio Singer, Dr. Sharone Stein, Leora Kahn, Betsy Rappaport, Club Vedado Singer, Cynthia Roland) and Alysha Umphress (Muriel Bunson, Melinda Wells)
music by Burton Lane; lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Act 1
Sung By
Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here
David Gamble
She Isn't You
Dr. Mark Bruckner
Open Your Eyes
Club Vedado Singer
Open Your Eyes (Reprise)
Melinda Wells
Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here (Reprise)
David Gamble
Wait 'Til We're Sixty-Five
Warren Smith, David Gamble, Muriel Bunson, Alan, Hannah, Paula, Preston and Roger
Wait 'Til We're Sixty-Five (Reprise)
Warren Smith
You're All the World to Me
Melinda Wells, Dr. Mark Bruckner and David Gamble
Who Is There Among Us Who Knows
Dr. Mark Bruckner and Dr. Sharone Stein
Who Is There Among Us Who Knows (Reprise)
Dr. Mark Bruckner and Melinda Wells
On the S.S. Bernard Cohn
Dr. Mark Bruckner, David Gamble, Muriel Bunson, Melinda Wells, Alan, Hannah, Paula, Preston and Roger
Love With All the Trimmings
Warren Smith
Dr. Mark Bruckner, Melinda Wells and David Gamble
Act 2
Sung By
Go to Sleep
Muriel Bunson and David Gamble
Ev'ry Night at Seven
Melinda Wells and Radio Singers
Too Late Now
Dr. Mark Bruckner and Melinda Wells
Love With All the Trimmings (Reprise)
Warren Smith
When I'm Being Born Again
Muriel Bunson, Dr. Mark Bruckner, Alan, Hannah, Paula, Preston and Roger
(S)he Wasn't You
Dr. Sharone Stein, Warren Smith, David Gamble and Dr. Mark Bruckner
What Did I Have That I Don't Have
David Gamble
Come Back to Me
Dr. Mark Bruckner and Warren Smith
Too Late Now (Reprise)
Dr. Mark Bruckner and Melinda Wells
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Dr. Mark Bruckner
Full Company

Tony Award®


Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical

2012 Nominee
Jessie Mueller

Drama Desk Award


Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical

2012 Nominee
Jessie Mueller

Theatre World


2012 Recipient
Jessie Mueller
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