Opening Date
Dec 08, 1991
Closing Date
Dec 15, 1991
1st Preview
Oct 08, 1991
1st Preview
Oct 08, 1991


Marquis Theatre
(Dec 08, 1991 - Dec 15, 1991)

Hollywood, 1937.

Book by Arthur Laurents; Music by Charles Strouse; Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.; Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick; Musical and Vocal Direction by Jack Lee; Dance and incidental music by Charles Strouse; Dance and incidental music arranged by Gordon Lowry Harrell; Based on characters created by Dashiell Hammett; Based on "The Thin Man" motion pictures owned by Turner Entertainment Co.; Associate Musical Dir.: Patrick Scott Brady
Directed by Arthur Laurents; Choreographed by Tina Paul; Assistant Choreographer: Luis Perez
Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt; Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge; Lighting Design by Jules Fisher; Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald; Hair Design by Robert DiNiro; Make-Up Design by Robert DiNiro; Associate Costume Design: Wallace G. Lane, Jr.; Associate Lighting Design: Peggy Eisenhauer
General Manager: Ralph Roseman; Company Manager: Robb Lady
Production Supervisor: Janet Beroza; Technical Supervisor: Jeremiah J. Harris; Production Stage Manager: Robert Bennett; Stage Manager: Maureen F. Gibson; Assistant Stage Mgr: Andrew Feigin and Cynthia Thole
Musical Coordinator: Seymour; Woodwinds: Les Scott, Seymour, Charles Millard, Dennis Anderson and Wally Kane; Trumpets: Brian O'Flaherty, Burt Collins and Kamau Adilifu; Trombones: Bruce Bonvissuto and Earl McIntyre; French Horn: Roger Wendt; Violins: Elliot Rosoff, Ethel Abelson, Melanie Baker, Katsuko Esaki, Marion Guest and Robert Lawrence; Cello: Anne Callahan and Jeffrey Szabo; Harp: Francesca Corsi; Synthesizer: Patrick Brady; Bass: Raymond Kilday; Drums/Percussion: Ronald Zito; Assistant to Mr. Strouse: Nick Archer
General Press Representative: Jeffrey Richards Associates; Casting: Stuart Howard and Amy Schecter; Dance Captain: Mark Hoebee; Animal Trainer: William Berloni Theatrical Animals, Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Photographer: Nathaniel Kramer
Nick Charles
Nora Charles
Tracy Gardner
Spider Malloy
Msgr. Flaherty
Yvette Lawrence
Replaced Josie de Guzman in previews
Maria Valdez
Lt. Wolfe
Lily Connors
Edward J. Connors
Lorraine Bixby
Max Bernheim
Victor Moisa
Standby: Kay McClelland (Nora Charles, Tracy Gardner) and Richard Muenz (Nick Charles, Victor Moisa)
Understudies: BJ (Asta), John Jellison (Spider Malloy, Edward J. Connors), Yvette Lawrence (Maria Valdez), Kathy Morath (Lorraine Bixby, Lily Connors), Kris Phillips (Yukido), Hal Robinson (Max Bernheim, Lt. Wolfe) and Kristen Wilson (Maria Valdez)

Marquis Theatre (Dec 08, 1991 - Dec 15, 1991)


Maria Valdez
Was replaced in previews
Cigarette Girl
music by Charles Strouse; lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Act 1
Sung By
Is There Anything Better Than Dancing?
Nick Charles, Nora Charles and Tracy Gardner
Everybody Wants to Do a Musical
Tracy Gardner
Not Me
Max Bernheim, Lorraine Bixby and Edward J. Connors
Nick Charles, Spider Malloy, Nora Charles and Victor Moisa
As Long As You're Happy
Nick Charles and Nora Charles
People Get Hurt
Lily Connors
Lorraine Bixby, Victor Moisa, Edward J. Connors and Tracy Gardner
May the Best Man Win
Nick Charles, Nora Charles and Tracy Gardner
Look Who's Alone Now
Nick Charles
Act 2
Sung By
Victor Moisa
Beyond Words
Nora Charles
A Busy Night at Lorraine's
Nick Charles, Nora Charles, Spider Malloy and Suspects
Boom Chicka Boom
Maria Valdez and Mariachi
Let's Go Home
Nick Charles and Nora Charles

Tony Award®


Best Original Score

1992 Nominee
Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Music by Charles Strouse

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