PlayFarce Play with musicOriginal
Opening Date
Nov 07, 1904
Closing Date
Apr 01, 1905
PlayFarce Play with musicOriginal


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Bijou Theatre
(Nov 07, 1904 - Jan 07, 1905)
New York Theatre
(Mar 27, 1905 - Apr 01, 1905)

A play in three acts

The home of Professor and Mrs. Black on the Hudson River near New York

Produced by May Irwin
Written by George V. Hobart; Featuring songs by Harry Brown, Will Marion Cook, Gus Edwards, Al Johns, May Irwin, Hughie Cannon, John W. Bratton and George A. Nichols; Featuring songs with lyrics by Will D. Cobb and John Lee Clark; Lyrics by Paul West and R.C. MacPherson; Musical Director: Ernest R. Ball
Caroline Patterson
Jack Dangerfield
Agnes Hamilton
Emily Mason
Peter Patter
Priscilla Black
Amelia Brant
Mrs. Black
Bramley Bush
Tom Larkey
Elizabeth Morgan
Professor Black
Don Pedro Degazebe
Sarah Dale
Major Thorne
Larry McManus
Ellen Leighton
Act 1
Sung By
Dinner Bells
(music by Harry Brown; lyrics by Harry Brown)
Bygone Days are Best
(music by Will Marion Cook; lyrics by Will Marion Cook)
Incidental Piano
Nothin' But Talk
(music by Harry Brown; lyrics by Harry Brown)
Mrs. Black
Mumm's the Word
(music by Gus Edwards; lyrics by Will D. Cobb)
Mrs. Black
Bible Stories
(music by Al Johns; lyrics by John Lee Clark)
Mrs. Black
Act 2
Sung By
Can't You Guess? (Guess, Guess, Guess)
(music by John W. Bratton; lyrics by Paul West)
Mrs. Black and Jack Dangerfield
I'm Worried to Death About That
(music by May Irwin; lyrics by May Irwin)
Mrs. Black and Jack Dangerfield
Act 3
Sung By
In the Shadow of the Pyramids
(music by Ernest R. Ball; lyrics by R.C. MacPherson)
Mrs. Black and Company
I Love to Two-Step (with My Man)
(music by Hughie Cannon; lyrics by Hughie Cannon)
Mrs. Black and Company
(music by Al Johns; lyrics by Al Johns)
Jack Dangerfield

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