Opening Date
Oct 12, 1981
Closing Date
Nov 22, 1981
1st Preview
Oct 07, 1981
1st Preview
Oct 07, 1981


Rialto Theatre
(Oct 12, 1981 - Nov 22, 1981)

England, 1593, A.D.

Theatre Operated by Loubern Broadway, Inc.
Produced by Tony Conforti, John Annunziato and Robert R. Blume; Produced in association with Billy Gaff and Howard P. Effron; Associate Producer: Raymond Serra; Produced by Tony Conforti, John Annunziato and Robert R. Blume
Book by Leo Rost; Lyrics by Leo Rost and Jimmy Horowitz; Music by Jimmy Horowitz; Music orchestrated by Jimmy Horowitz; Musical Director: Kinny Landrum; Vocal arrangements by Jimmy Horowitz and Patrick Jude
Directed by Don Price; Musical Staging by Don Price; Production Supervised by Tony Conforti
Scenic Design by Cary Chalmers; Costume Design by Natalie Walker; Lighting Design by Mitch Acker and Rick Belzer; Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald; Hair Design by Phyllis Della; Make-Up Artist: Steve Wang; Miss Mordente's Make-Up by Hiram Ortiz; Miss Mordente's Hair by Hiram Ortiz
General Manager: Weiler / Miller / Carrellas; Company Manager: Barbara Carrellas
Production Stage Manager: Alisa Adler; Stage Manager: Bo Metzler; Assistant Stage Mgr: Tony Berk; Technical Consultant: Mitch Acker
Musical Supervisor: Larry Fallon; Choral Director: Billy Cunningham; Piano: Kinny Landrum; Assistant Conductor: Don Rebic; Keyboards: Don Rebic; Guitars: John Putnam and Bill Washer; Bass: Chico Rindner; Percussion: Frank Vilardi
Fight Choreography by Peter Moore; Production Associate: Leon Gast; Press Representative: Max Eisen; Dance Captain: Kathy Jennings; Vocal Consultant: David Sorin Collyer; Illustrator / Artist: John Clark; Photographer: Reed Jenkins; Press Associate: Alan Eichler and Maria Somma
Christopher Marlowe
Emelia Bossano
Archbishop Parker
William Shakespeare
Audrey Walsingham
Captain Townsend
Richard Burbage
Ingram Frizer
Queen Elizabeth I
Understudies: Teri Gibson (Queen Elizabeth I), Steve Hall (Richard Burbage), Robert Hoshour (William Shakespeare), Diane Pennington (Emelia Bossano, Audrey Walsingham), James Sbano (Christopher Marlowe, Ingram Frizer, Archbishop Parker) and Timothy Tobin (Captain Townsend)
music by Jimmy Horowitz; lyrics by Jimmy Horowitz and Leo Rost
Act 1
Sung By
Rocking the Boat
Archbishop Parker, Queen Elizabeth I, Captain Townsend and Chorus
Because I'm a Woman
Emelia Bossano, William Shakespeare and Richard Burbage
Live for the Moment
Christopher Marlowe and Company
William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe
I'm Coming 'Round to Your Point of View
Christopher Marlowe and Emelia Bossano
The Ends Justify the Means
Ingram Frizer and Audrey Walsingham
Higher Than High
Christopher Marlowe, Emelia Bossano, Richard Burbage, William Shakespeare and Chorus
Rocking the Boat (Reprise)
Act 2
Sung By
Emelia Bossano and Chorus
So So I (Ode to Virginity)
Richard Burbage and Chorus
Two Lovers
Emelia Bossano
The Funeral Dirge
Richard Burbage, Emelia Bossano, William Shakespeare, Ingram Frizer, Captain Townsend and Queen Elizabeth I
Live for the Moment (Reprise)
Christopher Marlowe and Emelia Bossano
Emelia (Reprise)
Christopher Marlowe and Emelia Bossano
Can't Leave Now
Christopher Marlowe
Christopher (Reprise)
Emelia Bossano, William Shakespeare and Company
The Madrigal Blues
Christopher Marlowe and Company

Tony Award®


Best Actress in a Musical

1982 Nominee
Lisa Mordente

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