Opening Date
Dec 05, 1946
Closing Date
Dec 21, 1946


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New Century Theatre
(Dec 05, 1946 - Dec 21, 1946)

Produced by Leonard Sillman
Music by David Raksin; Lyrics by June Carroll; Book by June Carroll and Robert Duke; Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett
Staged by Eugene S. Bryden; Choreographed by Charles Weidman
Scenic Design by Edward Gilbert; Costume Design by Kathryn Kuhn
Widow Willow
Four Sprites
First Lawyer
Court Dancer
Four Sprites
The Baker
Acrobatic Attendant
Lady Eve
Prince Charming
Mistress Spratt
Lady Guinevere
Lady Persevere
Second Undertaker
Four Sprites
King Kindly
Singing Attendant
First Undertaker
His Magnificence (The Wizard)
Dame Crinkle
Dame Crackle
Town Crier
Four Sprites
Second Lawyer
Major Domo
Dancing Attendant
Acrobatic Attendant
The Butcher Boy
Dame Crumple
music by David Raksin; lyrics by June Carroll and Robert Duke
Act 1
Sung By
Start the Ball Rollin'
Broderick and Danced by: Broderick and Corps de Ballet
I Wish
Start the Ball Rollin' (Reprise)
Mistress Spratt, Delilah and Thais
I Wish (Reprise)
In the Morning
Lady Eve
Come and Bring Your Instruments
Their Arranger, 1st Troubadore, 2nd Troubadore and 3rd Troubadore
Night After Night
Lady Guinevere and Danced by: Kate and Corps de Ballet
Every Eve
Prince Charming and King Kindly
With a Wave of My Hand
Lady Eve, Cinderella and Danced by: Good Girls and Bad Girls
Am I a Man or a Mouse?
I'm Not Myself Tonight
Cinderella, Prince Charming, Kate and Lady Eve
Three Questions
Lady Eve, Cinderella, His Magnificence (The Wizard) and Danced by: Kate and Court Dancer
Act 2
Sung By
If the Shoe Fits
His Magnificence (The Wizard), Citizens and Danced by: Corps de Ballet
I Wish (Reprise)
Prince Charming
In the Morning (Reprise)
Lady Eve, Herman and Cinderella
What's the Younger Generation Coming To?
King Kindly and Entourage
Have You Seen the Countess Cindy?
Prince Charming and Citizens
This Is the End of the Story
Cinderella and Danced by: Sailor and His Sweetharts
I Took Another Look
Kate and Broderick
I Want to Go Back to the Bottom of the Garden
Lady Eve
This Is the End of the Story (Reprise)
Prince Charming and Broderick
My Business Man
Widow Willow

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