Opening Date
Dec 11, 1984
Closing Date
Jan 27, 1985


Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
(Dec 11, 1984 - Jan 27, 1985)

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Messrs. Nederlander
Conceived by Doug Henning; Incidental music by Peter Matz; Musical Director: Peter Matz; Music designed by Jim Steinmeyer
Directed by Doug Henning; Staged by Charlene Painter; Choreographed by Charlene Painter; Assistant Choreographer: Victor Heineman
Scenic Design by Bill Bohnert; Costume Design by Jef Billings; Lighting Design by Michael McGiveney; Additional Costumes by Bill Hargate
Tour General Manager: Steve Kirsner; Personal Manager to Mr. Henning: Jerry Goldstein; NY General Manager: Camille Ranson; Company Manager: Gino Giglio
Stage Manager: Michael McGiveney
Musical Coordinator: Jim Steinmeyer
Head Illusion Engineer and Additional Illusions Constructed by William Kennedy; Illusions Designed and Constructed by John Gaughan; Magic Consultant: Charles Reynolds; Illusion Engineer: Jon Sipos, Wayne Saks and Frank Carra; Sound Engineer: Bud Beauchamp
Animals Trained and Managed by Rick Glassey; Wardrobe Mistress: Nancy Nedell; Executive Secretary: Debbie Kirsner; Photographer: Allan S. Adler, Peter Cunningham, Jim Ward, John Zimmerman, Zox, ITC Entertainment and NBC Photo Department; Booking Agent: Regency Artists, Ltd.; Press Representative: Michael Alpert Public Relations; Advertising: Ash / LeDonne / Fisher
Special Magical Thanks to Michael Ammar, Richiardi Jr. (for floating kiddie car concept), Arthur Rubinstein, Lance Seldin, Slydini and Dai Vernon; Tour Accomodations by Holiday Inns, Inc.; Automobiles Furnished by Chrysler Corporation
Magical Dancer
Magical Dancer
Magical Dancer
Magical Dancer

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