Opening Date
Oct 12, 1970
Closing Date
Feb 14, 1971
1st Preview
Sep 28, 1970
1st Preview
Sep 28, 1970


Ethel Barrymore Theatre
(Oct 12, 1970 - Feb 14, 1971)

India in the late Eighteen Hundreds. The Ante-room to the Officers' Mess of a regiment in the Indian Army.

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization
Produced by Donald Albery and Roger L. Stevens; Associate Producer: Nobuko Morris
Written by Barry England
Directed by Val May
Production Design by Finlay James
General Manager: Victor Samrock
Technical Director: Ian B. Albery; Production Supervisor: Paul Morrison; Production Stage Manager: Frederic de Wilde; Stage Manager: Howard Fischer; Assistant Stage Mgr: James Leggi
General Press Representative: Harvey B. Sabinson and Lee Solters; Press Representative: Ted Goldsmith; Casting: Terry Fay; Assistant to Mr. Stevens: Jean Bankier; Advertising: Hy Jacobs; Assistant Production Assistant: Doris Blum; Production Assistant: William E. Becker
Colonel Strang
The Colonel
2nd Lt. Edward Millington
2nd Lt. Arthur Drake
Capt. Rupert Harper
The Adjutant
Elizabeth Shepherd
Broadway debut
Mrs. Marjorie Hasseltine
Major Lionel Roach
The Second in Command
Lt. Frank Hart
Mess Head Waiter
2nd Lt. Edward Winters
Pradah Singh
The Mess Major Domo
Lady at the Ball
2nd Lt. John Truly
Major Alastair Wimbourne, V. C.
Lt.-Col. Dr. Maurice Pratt
The Doctor
Lady at the Ball
Mrs. Bandanai
an Indian Servant Woman
Lady at the Ball
Lt. Richard Fothergill
Senior Subaltern
2nd Lt. Simon Boulton
Mrs. Mem Strang
The Colonel's Wife
2nd Lt. Frank Hutton
Understudies: Richard Clarke (Capt. Rupert Harper), Ronald Drake (Major Lionel Roach), Howard Fischer (Lt.-Col. Dr. Maurice Pratt), Vanya Franck (Mrs. Marjorie Hasseltine, Mrs. Mem Strang), Nicholas Hammond (2nd Lt. Arthur Drake), Pandora Bronson Lupino (Mrs. Bandanai), Edwin Owens (Major Alastair Wimbourne, V. C., Pradah Singh) and Rex Thompson (2nd Lt. Edward Millington)

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (Oct 12, 1970 - Feb 14, 1971)


Standby: Noel Craig (2nd Lt. Edward Millington)
Understudies: Thomas Cover (2nd Lt. John Truly), Jean Hogan (Lal), Carl Jessop (Lt. Frank Hart), James Leggi (2nd Lt. Edward Winters), Robert Murch (Lt. Richard Fothergill) and James Tripp (2nd Lt. Frank Hutton, 2nd Lt. Simon Boulton)

Tony Award®


Best Featured Actor in a Play

1971 Nominee
Donald Pickering

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