Opening Date

Oct 14, 1980

Closing Date

Apr 12, 1981

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


Then and Now. Here and There.

Produced by Michael White and Lou Adler; Associate Producer: Robert S. Fishko
Originally directed by Jim Sharman
Book by Richard O'Brien; Music by Richard O'Brien; Lyrics by Richard O'Brien; Music arranged by Richard Hartley; Musical Director: Paul Schierhorn
Directed by Julian Hope; Choreographed by David Toguri
Designed by Brian Thomson; Costume Design by Sue Blane; Lighting Design by Toni Goldin; Original Lighting Design by Rory Dempster; Sound Design by Robert Kerzman; Hair Design by Charles LoPresto; Make-Up Design by Charles LoPresto
General Manager: Robert S. Fishko; Company Manager: Johanna Pool
Production Stage Manager: Scott W. Glenn; Stage Manager: Robert G. Adams
Conducted by Paul Schierhorn; Keyboards: Paul Schierhorn; Guitar: Douglas Quinn; Bass: Collins Trier; Saxophone: Neil Singh; Drums: Marty Quinn
Casting: Cheryl Raab; National Press Representatives: Front Page Enterprises; Advertising: Ash / LeDonne; Dance Captain: Candy Darling
Frank 'N' Furter
Riff Raff
Doctor Everett Scott
Janet Weiss
Brad Majors
Understudies: Pendleton Brown (Frank 'N' Furter), Candy Darling (Columbia, Janet Weiss), Meghan Duffy (Magenta), Michael Glenn-Smith (Rocky, Riff Raff, Brad Majors), Eddy Hasslbrink (Doctor Everett Scott, Eddie) and Thom McCleister (Narrator)


music by Richard O'Brien; lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Science Fiction Double Feature
Damn It, Janet
Brad Majors, Janet Weiss and Phantoms
Over at the Frankenstein Place
Brad Majors, Janet Weiss and Riff Raff
Sweet Transvestite
Frank 'N' Furter
The Time Warp
Riff Raff, Columbia, Magenta and Narrator
The Sword of Damocles
Rocky, Narrator and Company
I Can Make You a Man
Frank 'N' Furter and Company
Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul
I Can Make You a Man (Reprise)
Frank 'N' Furter and Company
Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
Janet Weiss
Once in a While
Brad Majors
Dr. Scott and Columbia
Wise Up Janet Weiss
Frank 'N' Furter
Rose Tint My World
I'm Going Home
Frank 'N' Furter and Company
Super Heroes
Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, Narrator and Company
Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)
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City and State

Mar 24, 1981 - Apr 12, 1981
San Francisco, CA
Feb 24, 1981 - Mar 01, 1981
Los Angeles, CA
Feb 19, 1981 - Feb 22, 1981
San Diego, CA
Jan 24, 1981 - Jan 24, 1981
Lafayette, LA
Jan 16, 1981 - Jan 18, 1981
Jackson, MS
Jan 07, 1981 - Jan 11, 1981
Montreal, QC
Dec 18, 1980 - Jan 04, 1981
Chicago, IL
Dec 06, 1980 - Dec 08, 1980
Ottawa, ON
Dec 04, 1980 - Dec 05, 1980
Royal Oak, MI
Nov 11, 1980 - Nov 21, 1980
Philadelphia, PA
Nov 04, 1980 - Nov 08, 1980
Toronto, ON
Oct 30, 1980 - Oct 30, 1980
Rochester, NY
Oct 14, 1980 - Oct 26, 1980
Cambridge, MA