Opening Date

Oct 30, 2021

Closing Date

Oct 02, 2022

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


New York City and Edgewater, Indiana

Book by Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin; Music by Matthew Sklar; Lyrics by Chad Beguelin; Based on an original concept by Jack Viertel; Music orchestrated by Larry Hochman; Music arranged by Glen Kelly; Vocal arrangements by Matthew Sklar and Mary-Mitchell Campbell; Additional Orchestrations: John Clancy; Musical Director: Chris Gurr
Directed by Casey Nicholaw; Choreographed by Casey Nicholaw; Associate Director: Casey Hushion; Associate Choreographer: John MacInnis
Scenic Design by Scott Pask; Costume Design by Ann Roth and Matthew Pachtman; Lighting Design by Natasha Katz; Sound Design by Brian Ronan; Hair Design by Josh Marquette; Makeup Design by Milagros Medina-Cerdeira; Associate Scenic Design: Stephen Carmody and Orit Jacoby Carroll; Associate Costume Design: Andrea Hood; Associate Lighting Design: Jon Goldman; Associate Sound Design: Harry Platt; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Sarah Levine; Assistant Costume Design: Michelle Ridley; Assistant Lighting Design: Abby May; Moving Light Programmer: Marc Polimeni
Executive Producer: Seth Wenig; General Manager: Gentry & Associates and Gregory Vander Ploeg; Company Manager: Joel T. Herbst; Associate Co. Mgr: Katie Cortez
Production Manager: NETworks Presentations and Walker White; Production Stage Manager: Kelsey Tippins; Stage Manager: Ellen Goldberg; Assistant Stage Mgr: Alex Murphy
Musical Supervisor: Mary-Mitchell Campbell; Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines; Conducted by Chris Gurr; Associate Conductor: Dean Balan; Keyboard 1: Chris Gurr; Keyboard 2: Dean Balan; Reed 1: Ricky Roshell; Reed 2: Erika Friedman; Lead Trumpet: Rob Slowik; Trumpet: John Replogle; Guitars & Banjo: Stephen Flakus; Acoustic & Electric Basses/Librarian: Crissy Martinez; Drums & Percussion: Derek Stoltenberg; Music Copying: Kaye-Houston Music/Anne Kaye and Doug Houston; Synthesizer Programmer: Jim Abbott; Ableton Programmer: Chris Petti
Casting: The Telsey Office and Bethany Knox, CSA; Tour Booking: The Road Company; Marketing and Publicity Direction: Bond Theatrical Group; Interactive Marketing: Andy Drachenberg; Dance Captain: Lexie Plath; Assistant Dance Captain: Josh Zacher; Photographer: Deen Van Meer
Dee Dee Allen
Barry Glickman
Sheldon Saperstein
Mrs. Greene
Mr. Hawkins
Trent Oliver
Olivia Keating
Second Reporter
Motel Clerk
Understudies: Jordan Alexander (Trent Oliver), Gabrielle Beckford (Angie), Shavey Brown (Mr. Hawkins), Ashley Bruce (Dee Dee Allen, Angie, Mrs. Greene), Megan Grosso (Emma), Christopher McCrewell (Sheldon Saperstein, Barry Glickman, Mr. Hawkins), Adriana Negron (Alyssa), Lexie Plath (Dee Dee Allen, Mrs. Greene), Brittany Nicole Williams (Emma, Alyssa) and Thad Turner Wilson (Sheldon Saperstein, Barry Glickman, Trent Oliver)
Conducted by Ted Arthur (Dec 28, 2021 - Jan 02, 2022)


Dee Dee Allen
Jul 15, 2022 - Jul 17, 2022
Act 1
Sung By
Changing Lives
Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman and Ensemble
Changing Lives (Reprise)
Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman, Angie and Trent Oliver
Just Breathe
It's Not About Me
Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman, Angie, Trent Oliver and Ensemble
Dance With You
Emma and Alyssa
The Acceptance Song
Trent Oliver, Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman, Angie and Ensemble
You Happened
Emma, Alyssa and Ensemble
We Look to You
Mr. Hawkins
Tonight Belongs to You
Barry Glickman, Emma, Mrs. Greene and Ensemble
Act 2
Sung By
Angie and Emma
The Lady's Improving
Dee Dee Allen
Love Thy Neighbor
Trent Oliver and Ensemble
Alyssa Greene
Barry Is Going to Prom
Barry Glickman
Unruly Heart
Emma and Ensemble
It's Time to Dance
Emma, Alyssa and Company
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Buffalo, NY
Sep 13, 2022 - Sep 18, 2022
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Aug 09, 2022 - Sep 11, 2022
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Jan 18, 2022 - Jan 20, 2022
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Jan 04, 2022 - Jan 16, 2022
Washington, DC
Dec 28, 2021 - Jan 02, 2022
Hershey, PA
Dec 14, 2021 - Dec 19, 2021
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dec 07, 2021 - Dec 12, 2021
Orlando, FL
Nov 02, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021
Cleveland, OH
Oct 30, 2021 - Oct 30, 2021
Paducah, KY