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Oct 13, 2009

Closing Date

Apr 18, 2010

MusicalOriginalNational Tour


London, England. 1957.

Book by B.T. McNicholl; Music by Dennis DeYoung; Lyrics by Dennis DeYoung and B.T. McNicholl; Based on the book by Dodie Smith; Music orchestrated by Danny Troob; Musical Director: Don York; Vocal and Music Arrangements: Nadia DiGiallonardo; Dance Music: Mark Hummel; Additional Arrangements: Don York; Assistant Musical Dir.: Jason Sherbundy
Directed by Jerry Zaks; Choreographed by Warren Carlyle; Associate Director: Steve Debout; Associate Choreographer: Parker Esse; Assistant Choreographer: Sarah O'Gleby
Scenic Design by Heidi Ettinger; Costume Design by Robert Morgan; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Peter Hylenski; Puppet Design by Kelly Tighe; Associate Scenic Design: Ann Bartok; Associate Costume Design: Nancy Palmatier; Associate Lighting Design: Craig Stelzenmuller; Assistant Scenic Design: Todd Ivins; Assistant Sound Design: Keith Caggiano; Moving Light Programmer: Joe Allegro
On-Line Producer: Randall Buck; General Manager: Roberta Roberts; Company Manager: George Anthony Agbuya; Associate Gen. Mgr: Jaime Pine; Assistant Co. Mgr: Tracy Blackwell
Production Manager: Geoffrey Quart; Associate Prod. Mgr: Ryan P. Murphy; Production Stage Manager: John M. Atherlay; Stage Manager: Sarah A. Tschirpke; Assistant Stage Mgr: Patricia L. Grabb
Musical Coordinator: Sam Lutfiyya and Music Services International; Keyboard: Don York and Jason Sherbundy; Keyboard Programmer: Karl Mansfield
Dogs by Joel Slaven Animal Professionals; Training Coordinator: Joel Slaven; Casting: Dave Clemmons, C.S.A. and Dave Clemmons Casting; Dance Captain: Chip Abbott; Marketing: Type A Marketing; Dialect Coach: Ben Furey; Photographer: Joan Marcus
Cruella De Vil
Oct 13, 2009 - Feb 14, 2010
Harry De Vil
Gypsy Impresario
Bloodhound Miner
Splendid Vet
Nervous Setter
Tipsy St. Bernard
Nanny Butler
Gypsy Wife
Gruff Yorkie
Nanny Cook
Collie Inn Keeper
Mr. Dearly
Mrs. Dearly
Tabby Cat
Cruella's Cat
Understudies: Joel Blum (Jasper), Jeff Scot Carey (Pongo, Prince, Mr. Dearly), Joseph Dellger (Jinx), Madeleine Doherty (Cruella De Vil), Erin Maguire (Cruella De Vil), Ah-Niyah Yonay Neal (Patch), Clark Kelley Oliver (Roly-Poly), Gabriel Rush (Lucky), Kendra Tate (Cadpig), Kristen Beth Williams (Missus) and Emma Zaks (Perdita)


Cruella De Vil
Feb 16, 2010 - Apr 18, 2010
Mrs. Dearly
Tabby Cat
Understudy: Erin Mosher (Missus)
music by Dennis DeYoung; lyrics by B.T. McNicholl and Dennis DeYoung
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Overture - Koncerto #K-9
Man Is A Dog's Best Friend
Dogs and Pets
A Perfect Family
(lyrics by B.T. McNicholl)
Pongo and Missus
Hot Like Me
Cruella De Vil and Company
There's Always Room for One More
(lyrics by B.T. McNicholl)
Mr. Dearly, Mrs. Dearly, Nanny Cook, Nanny Butler and Pongo
World's Greatest Dad
(lyrics by Dennis DeYoung)
One True Love
Hail to the Chef
Cruella De Vil and Nanny Cook
Twilight Barking
Pongo, Missus, Prince and Dogs
Be a Little Bit Braver
Dogs, Pongo and Missus
Act 2
Sung By
Break Out
Having the Crime of Our Lives
Jasper and Jinx
A Perfect Family (Reprise)
(lyrics by B.T. McNicholl)
Sheepdog, Tabby Cat and Family
Gypsy Impresario, Gypsy Wife and Company
Be a Little Bit Braver (Reprise)
Dalmation Family
My Sweet Child
Cruella Always Gets Her Way
Cruella De Vil
Hot Like Me (Reprise)
Cruella De Vil
101 Dalmations
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