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Jan 08, 2013

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Nov 17, 2013

MusicalOriginalNational Tour


Book by Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott; Based on the motion picture by Latent Image/Specific Films; Film distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.; Music orchestrated by Stephen "Spud" Murphy and Charlie Hull; Music arranged by Stephen "Spud" Murphy; Orchestrations for 'Like a Prayer' and 'Material Girl' by Steve Orich; Musical Director: Brent Frederick; Associate Musical Dir.: Wayne Green
Directed by Simon Phillips; Choreographed by Ross Coleman; Direction based upon the original New York direction by David Hyslop; Choreography recreated by Joshua Buscher; Developed for the Stage by Simon Phillips
Bus Concept & Production Design: Brian Thomson; Costume Design by Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner; Original Broadway and National Tour Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans and Peter Fitzgerald; National Tour Lighting Design: Jonathan Spencer; Makeup Design by Cassie Hanlon; Associate Scenic Design: Jerome Martin; Associate Costume Design: Brian Bustos; Associate Sound Design: Garth Helm; Assistant Lighting Design: James Milkey; Moving Light Programmer: Joe Allegro and Chris Merriman
Executive Producer: Randall Buck; General Manager: Roberta Roberts; Company Manager: Nicole McClendon; Assistant Co. Mgr: Andrew Terlizzi
Technical Supervisor: MB Productions and Mike Bauder; Production Stage Manager: Tom Bartlett; Stage Manager: Gay Merwin; Assistant Stage Mgr: Chad Lewis
Musical Supervisor: Stephen "Spud" Murphy; Musical Coordinator: Talitha Fehr; North American music supervisor: Jeff Marder; Keys: Brent Frederick and Wayne Green; Woodwinds: Dave Stambaugh; Trumpet: Walter White; Trombone: James Nelson; Guitar: Jill Warren; Bass: Michael Epperhart; Drums: Mark Pardy; Percussion: Jeremy Meronuck; Band Tech: Mark Pardy; Synthesizer Programmer: Jeff Marder; Assistant Synth Programmer: Taylor J. Williams
Flying by Foy
Casting: Telsey + Company and Craig Burns, CSA; Tour Marketing and Press: Amy Katz and Courtney Davis; Tour Booking Agency: The Booking Group; Dance Captain: Ralph Meitzler; Assistant Dance Captain: Amy Hillner; Fight Captain: Ralph Meitzler; Production Consultant: Alecia Parker; Photographer: Joan Marcus
Tick (Mitzi)
Adam (Felicia)
Miss Understanding
Young Bernadette
Understudies: Emily Afton (Marion, Shirley), Nik Alexzander (Jimmy), John Capes (Bernadette, Bob, Frank), Andrew Chappelle (Miss Understanding, Jimmy), Alex DeLeo (Adam (Felicia)), Taurean Everett (Miss Understanding), Christy Faber (Diva), Amy Hillner (Diva, Marion, Shirley, Cynthia), Chris Klink (Tick (Mitzi)), David Koch (Bernadette, Bob), Ralph Meitzler (Tick (Mitzi), Farrah, Young Bernadette, Frank), Alex Ringler (Adam (Felicia)), Babs Rubenstein (Diva) and Chelsea Zeno (Diva)
General Manager: Townsend Teague (Jul 29, 2013 - Nov 17, 2013)


Understudies: Neal Mayer (Bernadette, Bob, Frank) and Alex Ringler (Farrah, Young Bernadette)
Act 1
Sung By
It's Raining Men
The Divas, Tick and Company
What's Love Got to Do With It?
Miss Understanding
I Say a Little Prayer
Don't Leave Me This Way
Bernadette, Tick and Company
Material Girl
Felicia and the Boys
Go West
Bernadette, Tick, Adam and Company
Adam, Tick and Bernadette
Like a Virgin
Adam, Tick and Bernadette
I Say a Little Prayer (Reprise)
Tick and the Divas
I Love the Nightlife
Shirley, Bernadette, Mitzi, Felicia and Company
True Colors
Bernadette, Mitzi and Felicia
Sempre Libera
Felicia and the Divas
Color My World
Adam, Tick, Bernadette and Company
I Will Survive
Bernadette, Felicia, Mitzi, Jimmy and Company
Act 2
Sung By
Thank God I'm a Country Boy
The Company
A Fine Romance
Young Bernadette and Les Girls
Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Reprise)
The Company
Shake Your Groove Thing
Mitzi, Bernadette, Felicia and the Divas
Pop Muzik
Cynthia and Company
A Fine Romance (Reprise)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Adam and the Divas
Hot Stuff
Felicia, the Divas and Bernadette
MacArthur Park
Bernadette, Tick, the Divas and Company
Boogie Wonderland
The Company
The Floor Show
Mitzi, Bernadette, Felicia and Company
Always on My Mind
Tick and Benji
Like a Prayer
Felicia and Company
We Belong
Felicia, Mitzi, Bernadette and Company
Finally Medley
The Company
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