Opening Date

Sep 01, 1960

Closing Date

Mar 18, 1961

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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In and about the castle, Spring 1428.

Based on the Broadway Production by T. Edward Hambleton, Norris Houghton and William and Jean Eckart
Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller; Music by Mary Rodgers; Lyrics by Marshall Barer; Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay, Arthur Beck and Carroll Buxley; Dance arrangements by Roger Adams; Musical Director: Hal Hastings
Directed for Broadway by George Abbott; National Company Staged by Jack Sydow; Choreographed by Joe Layton; Dance Direction by David Neuman
Scenic Design by William Eckart and Jean Eckart; Costume Design by William Eckart and Jean Eckart; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser
Company Manager: George Oshrin
Production Stage Manager: Paul A. Foley; Stage Manager: Robert Calhoun; Assistant Stage Mgr: David Neuman
Orchestra Conducted by Carmen Coppola
General Press Representative: Dorathi Bock Pierre; Press Representative: Martin Feinstein
Princess Winnifred
Princess of Farfelot
The King Sextimus
a travelling player
The Queen Aggravain
Lady Larken
a Lady in waiting
Lady Mabelle
Sir Harry
Knight of the Herald
Prince Dauntless
son of King Sextimus and Queen Aggravain
Lady Lucille
The Nightingale of Samarkand
a royal pet
Lady Pepperell
Sir Harold
Lady Merrill
Lady Dorothy
Sir Studley
Lady Beatrice
Lord Casper
Lord Howard
Sir Joseph
Sir Serta
Lady Rowena
Princess Number Twelve
Sir Paul
Sir Nicholas
Understudies: Carol Arthur (Princess Winnifred), Kevin Kelly (Sir Harry), Joe McGrath (Minstrel), David Neuman (Jester), Jean Palmerton (The Queen Aggravain), Barbara Quaney (Lady Larken), Max Shoaf (Prince Dauntless) and Willy Switkes (The King Sextimus)
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City and State

Feb 27, 1961 - Mar 18, 1961
Boston, MA
Feb 13, 1961 - Feb 25, 1961
Philadelphia, PA
Mar 06, 1961 - Feb 11, 1961
Baltimore, MD
Feb 03, 1961 - Feb 04, 1961
West Lafayette, IN
Feb 02, 1961 - Feb 02, 1961
Bloomington, IN
Jan 30, 1961 - Feb 01, 1961
Louisville, KY
Jan 23, 1961 - Jan 28, 1961
Cincinnati, OH
Dec 26, 1960 - Jan 14, 1961
Detroit, MI
Dec 06, 1960 - Dec 17, 1960
St. Louis, MO
Nov 29, 1960 - Dec 04, 1960
St. Paul, MN
Nov 21, 1960 - Nov 26, 1960
Denver, CO
Oct 24, 1960 - Nov 19, 1960
Los Angeles, CA
Sep 28, 1960 - Oct 22, 1960
San Francisco, CA
Sep 01, 1960 - Sep 24, 1960
Chicago, IL