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Oct 12, 2019

Closing Date

Mar 14, 2020

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An Island In The French Antilles; Then & Now.

Book by Lynn Ahrens; Music by Stephen Flaherty; Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens; Based on the novel 'My Love, My Love' by Rosa Guy; Music orchestrated by AnnMarie Milazzo and Michael Starobin; Original Vocal Arrangements: Stephen Flaherty; Additional Orchestrations: Haley Bennett and Javier Diaz; Assistant Vocal arrang.: Haley Bennett; Musical Director: Steven Cuevas
Directed by Michael Arden; Choreographed by Camille A. Brown; Associate Director: Justin Scribner; Associate Choreographer: Rickey Tripp; Assistant Director: Robert Hartwell; Assistant Choreographer: Catherine Foster
Scenic Design by Dane Laffrey; Costume Design by Clint Ramos; Lighting Design by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer; Sound Design by Peter Hylenski; Tour Sound Design: Shannon Slaton; Hair and Wig Design by Cookie Jordan; Make-Up Design by Cookie Jordan; Associate Scenic Design: Matthew Iacozza; Associate Costume Design: Christopher Vergara; Associate Lighting Design: Jonathan Spencer; Associate Sound Design: Marisa J. Barnes; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Joya Giambrone; Associate Make-Up Design: Joya Giambrone; Assistant Scenic Design: Jungah Han; Assistant Costume Design: Kara Branch; Assistant Lighting Design: Conor Mulligan and Autum Casey; Moving Lights Programmer: Jay Penfield
Executive Producer: Trinity Wheeler; General Manager: Gentry & Associates and Gregory Vander Ploeg; Company Manager: Jamey Jennings
Production Manager: NETworks Presentations and Evan Rooney; Production Stage Manager: Kelsey Tippins; Stage Manager: Julianne Menassian; Assistant Stage Mgr: Angela M. Griggs
Musical Supervisor: Chris Fenwick; "Found" Instrument Design: John Bertles and Bash the Trash; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Steven Cuevas; Associate Conductor: Ilana M. Atkins; Keyboard/Melodica/Hand Percussion: Steven Cuevas; Percussion: Mariana Rameriz-Alvarado; Bass: Sherisse Rogers; Guitar/Mandolin: Oscar Bautista; Flute: Cassondra James; Associate Musical Supervisor: Alvin Hough, Jr.; Keyboard Programmer: Randy Cohen and Randy Cohen Keyboards; Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation and Adriana Grace
Associate Special Effects: Bohdan Bushel
Casting: Telsey + Company and Craig Burns, CSA; Tour Booking, Press & Marketing: Bond Theatrical Group; Advertising/Marketing Materials: AKA; Dance Captain: Robert Zelaya; Dialect Coach: Dawn-Elin Fraser; Assistant Dialect Coach: Lauren Roth; Social Media: Andy Drachenberg; Production Photographer: Joan Marcus
God of Water
Ti Moune
Mother of the Earth
Papa Ge
Demon of Death
Goddess of Love
Tonton Julian
Little Girl
Little Girl
'Beauxhommes' Narrator
Mama Euralie
'Beauxhommes' Narrator
Understudies: McKynleigh Alden Abraham (Erzulie, Papa Ge), Briana Brooks (Ti Moune), George L. Brown (Agwe, Tonton Julian), Michael Iván Carrier (Daniel), Jay Donnell (Agwe, Tonton Julian), Alex Joseph Grayson (Papa Ge), Phyre Hawkins (Asaka, Mama Euralie), Savy Jackson (Ti Moune, Erzulie), Tatiana Lofton (Asaka, Mama Euralie) and Robert Zelaya (Daniel)
music by Stephen Flaherty; lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
We Dance
One Small Girl
Tonton Julian, Mama Euralie, Little Girl and Storytellers
Waiting for Life
Ti Moune and Storytellers
And the Gods Heard Her Prayer
Asaka, Agwe, Papa Ge and Erzulie
Agwe and Storytellers
Discovering Daniel
Ti Moune and Storytellers
Ti Moune, Tonton Julian, Mama Euralie and Storytellers
Forever Yours
Ti Moune, Daniel, Papa Ge and Storytellers
The Sad Tale of the Beauxhommes
Armand and Storytellers
Ti Moune
Mama Euralie, Tonton Julian, Ti Moune and Storytellers
Mama Will Provide
Asaka and Storytellers
Waiting for Life (Reprise)
Ti Moune
Some Say
Storytellers and Little Girl
The Human Heart
Erzulie and Storytellers
Some Girls
The Ball
Andrea, Daniel and Storytellers
Ti Moune's Dance
Ti Moune and Grands Hommes
When We Are Wed
Andrea, Ti Moune, Daniel and Storytellers
Forever Yours (Reprise)
Papa Ge, Ti Moune, Erzulie and Storytellers
A Part of Us
Mama Euralie, Little Girl, Tonton Julian and Storytellers
Why We Tell the Story
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