Opening Date

Aug 29, 1967

Closing Date

Jun 15, 1968

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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Mame's Beekman Place apartment and various locales in which she becomes involved. 1928 - 1946.

Produced by Fryer, Carr & Harris Inc; Associate Producer: John Bowab
Original Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Onna White
Book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee; Music by Jerry Herman; Lyrics by Jerry Herman; Based on the novel "Auntie Mame" by Patrick Dennis; Based on the play "Auntie Mame" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee; Vocal arrangements by Donald Pippin; Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang; Dance arrangements by Roger Adams; Musical Director: Donald Pippin
Directed by Gene Saks; Dances and Musical Numbers Recreated by Pat Cummings
Scenic Design by William and Jean Eckart; Costume Design by Robert Mackintosh; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Sound Design by Robert Liftin; Hair Design by Ronald De Mann
General Manager: Joseph P. Harris; Company Manager: Milton M. Pollack
N.Y. Production Manager: Terence Little; Production Stage Manager: Henri Caubisens; Stage Manager: Hal Halvorsen; Assistant Stage Mgr: Austin Colyer
Conducted by Myron Roman; Assistant Orchestra Conductor: Robert McNamee
NY Press Representative: David Lipsky; Press Representative: Gertrude Bromberg; Advertising: Lawrence Weiner and Associates; Dance Captain: Ron Bostick; Photographer: Friedman-Abeles
Mame Dennis
Vera Charles
Dwight Babcock
Ralph Devine
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Cousin Fan
Mame's Friend
Uncle Jeff
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Junior Babcock
Peter Dennis
M. Lindsay Woolsey
Madame Branislowski
Mother Burnside
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mr. Upson
Mame's Friend
Art Model
Gloria Upson
Mame's Friend
Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside
Dance Teacher
Mrs. Upson
Pegeen Ryan
Mame's Friend
Patrick Dennis, age 10
Sally Cato
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Stage Manager
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Patrick Dennis, age 19-29
Agnes Gooch
Mame's Friend
Leading Man
Mame's Friend
Mame's Friend
Understudies: Michael Amber (Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside, M. Lindsay Woolsey), Susan Cartt (Art Model), Sheila Coleman (Agnes Gooch, Mrs. Upson), Austin Colyer (Dwight Babcock, Mr. Upson), Lee Franklin (Patrick Dennis, age 10), Rosemary Harvey (Cousin Fan), Spencer Jackson (Junior Babcock, Stage Manager), Louise Kirtland (Madame Branislowski, Mother Burnside), Betty McGuire (Mame Dennis, Vera Charles), Eric Paynter (Gregor, Ito), Don Prieur (Ralph Devine), Roger Rathburn (Patrick Dennis, age 19-29) and Claire Theiss (Sally Cato)
Assistant Choreographer: Tom Panko


Elevator Boy
Understudy: Mark Savage (Patrick Dennis, age 10)
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City and State

Jan 02, 1968 - Jun 15, 1968
Chicago, IL
Dec 19, 1967 - Dec 31, 1967
St. Louis, MO
Dec 05, 1967 - Dec 17, 1967
Cincinnati, OH
Nov 28, 1967 - Dec 03, 1967
Rochester, NY
Oct 24, 1967 - Nov 26, 1967
Detroit, MI
Oct 06, 1967 - Oct 22, 1967
Dallas, TX
Sep 19, 1967 - Oct 03, 1967
Cleveland, OH
Aug 29, 1967 - Sep 12, 1967
Baltimore, MD