Opening Date

Aug 08, 1995

Closing Date

Apr 07, 1996

MusicalDramaOriginalNational Tour


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In and around London.

Book by Leslie Bricusse; Music by Frank Wildhorn; Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; Conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn; From the novella ''The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'' by Robert Louis Stevenson; Music orchestrated by Kim Scharnberg; Vocal arrangements by Jason Howland and Frank Wildhorn; Musical Director: Jeremy Roberts
Directed by Gregory Boyd; Musical Staging by Larry Fuller
Scenic Design by Vince Mountain; Costume Design by Jonathan Bixby; Lighting Design by Howell Binkley; Sound Design by Karl Richardson and Scott Stauffer; Hair Design by Jeffrey Frank
Production Stage Manager: Michael McEowen; Stage Manager: Theresa Bailey; Assistant Stage Mgr: Russ Jones
Conducted by Jason Howland; Vocal Director: Dave Clemmons; Electronic Music System Design: Jeremy Roberts; Viola: Charlie Adams; Percussion: Craig Benson and Timm Boatman; Keyboard II: James Laev; Woodwind: Ed Maina; Cello: Ted Mook; Electronic Keyboard: Jeremy Roberts; Violin: Mariusz Wojtowicz and Dana Ianculovici
Special Effects Design: Gregory Meeh
Casting: Julie Hughes and Barry Moss, CSA; National Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Exclusive Tour Direction: The Booking Office, Inc.
Henry Jekyll
Edward Hyde
Jekyll's "other half"
Lucy Harris
the main attraction at "The Red Hat"
Gabriel John Utterson
Lisa Carew
Sir Danvers Carew
The Bishop of Basingstoke
Half and Half Couple
General Lord Glossop
Sir Archibald Proops
Simon Stride
Lucy's Men
Lord Savage
Jekyll's manservant
Half and Half Couple
an apothecary
Lady Beaconsfield
Lucy's Men
Standby: Rob Evan (Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde)
Understudies: Melissa Bell (Lisa Carew, Lucy Harris), Pamela Bradley (Lady Beaconsfield), Dave Clemmons (Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde), Heather Douglas (Nellie), William Thomas Evans (Gabriel John Utterson), Paul Hadobas (Poole, Lord Savage, Simon Stride, General Lord Glossop, Sir Archibald Proops, The Bishop of Basingstoke, Orderly), Julia Hughes (Nellie), Russ Jones (Sir Danvers Carew, Spider, Poole, Lord Savage, Simon Stride, General Lord Glossop, Sir Archibald Proops, The Bishop of Basingstoke, Orderly), Michelle Mallardi (Lisa Carew), Ray McLeod (Sir Danvers Carew, Spider), Andie Mellom (Lucy Harris), Brad Oscar (Gabriel John Utterson) and Allyson Tucker (Nellie)


General Lord Glossop
music by Frank Wildhorn; lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Board of Governors
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Take Me As I Am
Lisa Carew and Dr. Henry Jekyll
Bring on the Men
Lucy Harris and The Girls
This Is The Moment
Dr. Henry Jekyll
Edward Hyde and The Company
His Work — And Nothing More
Gabriel John Utterson, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Lisa Carew and Sir Danvers Carew
Someone Like You
Lucy Harris
Act 2
Sung By
Murder, Murder!
The Company
Once Upon A Dream
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Lisa Carew
In His Eyes
Lisa Carew and Lucy Harris
Girls of the Night
Lucy Harris, Nellie and The Girls
It's a Dangerous Game
Edward Hyde and Lucy Harris
A New Life
Lucy Harris
Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde
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Mar 26, 1996 - Apr 07, 1996
Baltimore, MD
Mar 19, 1996 - Mar 24, 1996
Columbus, OH
Mar 12, 1996 - Mar 17, 1996
Cleveland, OH
Mar 05, 1996 - Mar 10, 1996
Norfolk, VA
Feb 27, 1996 - Mar 03, 1996
Louisville, KY
Feb 16, 1996 - Feb 25, 1996
Wilmington, DE
Feb 13, 1996 - Feb 15, 1996
Schenectady, NY
Jan 30, 1996 - Feb 11, 1996
Denver, CO
Jan 16, 1996 - Jan 28, 1996
Chicago, IL
Jan 09, 1996 - Jan 14, 1996
St. Louis, MO
Jan 02, 1996 - Jan 07, 1996
Palm Desert, CA
Dec 26, 1995 - Dec 31, 1995
Houston, TX
Dec 19, 1995 - Dec 24, 1995
Tampa, FL
Dec 12, 1995 - Dec 17, 1995
West Palm Beach, FL
Dec 05, 1995 - Dec 10, 1995
Hershey, PA
Nov 28, 1995 - Dec 03, 1995
Miami, FL
Nov 21, 1995 - Nov 26, 1995
Orlando, FL
Nov 07, 1995 - Nov 19, 1995
Cincinnati, OH
Oct 31, 1995 - Nov 05, 1995
Nashville, TN
Oct 24, 1995 - Oct 29, 1995
Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 10, 1995 - Oct 22, 1995
New Haven, CT
Oct 03, 1995 - Oct 08, 1995
New Orleans, LA
Sep 26, 1995 - Oct 01, 1995
Atlanta, GA
Sep 19, 1995 - Sep 24, 1995
San Antonio, TX
Sep 12, 1995 - Sep 17, 1995
Tempe, AZ
Aug 29, 1995 - Sep 03, 1995
Sacramento, CA
Aug 22, 1995 - Aug 27, 1995
Costa Mesa, CA
Aug 08, 1995 - Aug 20, 1995
Dallas, TX