Opening Date

May 08, 1969

Closing Date

Feb 07, 1970

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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1887 to 1937. Show business on the road and in New York.

Originally produced on Broadway by David Black, Konrad Matthaei and Lorin E. Price
Book by Michael Stewart, John Pascal and Fran Pascal; Music by George M. Cohan; Lyrics by George M. Cohan; Lyric and Musical Revisions by Mary Cohan; Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang; Vocal arrangements by Jay Blackton; Musical Director: Jack Lee
Entire Production Directed and Choreographed by Joe Layton
Scenic Design by Tom John; Costume Design by Freddy Wittop; Lighting Design by Martin Aronstein
General Manager: Allentuck, Azenberg, and Wolsk; Company Manager: Fred Cuneo
Production Supervisor: Jose Véga; Production Stage Manager: Joe Calvan; Stage Manager: Robert Piper; Assistant Stage Mgr: Tony Manzi
Musical Supervisor: Laurence Rosenthal
Dance Captain: Katherine Hull
George M. Cohan
May 08, 1969 - Oct 19, 1969
Jerry Cohan
Nellie Cohan
Fay Templeteon
Draper's Assistant
Wardrobe Lady
1st Little Girl
Sharpshooter's Assistant
Pushcart Girl
Little Girl in Fay Templeton scene
E.F. Albee
Living Statue
Louis Behman
Bell Ringer
Designer's Assistant
Siamese Twin
Willie in 'Popularity'
Stage Manager of 'I'd Rather Be Right'
Living Statue
2nd Pianist
Batons on Wheels' Assistant
Fay Templeton's Maid
Siamese Twin
Mrs. Baker
Madame Grimaldi
Escape Artist's Assistant
Ma Templeton
Escape Artist
Stagehand at Providence Grande Theatre
Dr. Webb
Bell Ringer
Sam Harris
Ship's Captain
Alderman Hailey
Ethel Levey
2nd Little Girl
Archie the Drummer
Judge Anspacher
First Policeman in 'Nellie Kelly'
Man on Street
Agnes Nolan
Living Statue
Pushcart Girl
Stage Doorman
Living Statue
Secretary in Cohan & Harris Office
1st Pianist
Batons on Wheels
Bell Ringer
Piano Player in Cohan & Harris Office
Accordionist in 'Harrigan'
Toe Tapper
Bell Ringer
Congressman Burkhardt
Actor in Strike Scene
Josie Cohan
Standby: Sandy Barry (Agnes Nolan, Ethel Levey, Fay Templeteon, Ma Templeton, Madame Grimaldi) and Jerry Dodge (George M. Cohan)
Understudies: Candace Cooke (Josie Cohan), Steve Holden (Dr. Webb, E.F. Albee, Louis Behman, Fay Templeton's Manager, Director of 'I'd Rather Be Right', Actor in Strike Scene), Linda Larson (Nellie Cohan) and Ted Pritchard (Jerry Cohan)


George M. Cohan
Oct 21, 1969 - Feb 07, 1970
Nellie Cohan
Jerry Cohan
Louis Behman
Bell Ringer
Siamese Twin
Fay Templeteon
Draper's Assistant
Wardrobe Lady
Dr. Webb
Bell Ringer
Sam Harris
Living Statue
Understudies: Roger Braun (Jerry Cohan) and Janyce Nyman (Nellie Cohan)
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Jan 20, 1970 - Feb 07, 1970
Washington, DC
Dec 23, 1969 - Jan 18, 1970
Boston, MA
Dec 09, 1969 - Dec 21, 1969
Toronto, ON
Nov 25, 1969 - Dec 07, 1969
Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 18, 1969 - Nov 23, 1969
New Haven, CT
Oct 28, 1969 - Nov 16, 1969
Baltimore, MD
Oct 21, 1969 - Oct 26, 1969
Milwaukee, WI
Oct 02, 1969 - Oct 19, 1969
Dallas, TX
Sep 26, 1969 - Oct 01, 1969
Houston, TX
Sep 16, 1969 - Sep 25, 1969
Cleveland, OH
Sep 09, 1969 - Sep 14, 1969
Denver, CO
Sep 02, 1969 - Sep 07, 1969
Phoenix, AZ
Aug 26, 1969 - Aug 31, 1969
San Diego, CA
Jul 01, 1969 - Aug 24, 1969
Los Angeles, CA
May 08, 1969 - Jun 29, 1969
San Francisco, CA