Opening Date

Aug 06, 1982

Closing Date

Apr 24, 1983

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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1835 through 1880. All over America and the major capitals of the world.

Produced by Tom Mallow and MUNY; Produced in association with James Janek
Originally Produced on Broadway by Judy Gordon, Cy Coleman and Maurice & Lois F. Rosenfeld; Originally Produced on Broadway in association with Irvin Feld and Kenneth Feld
Book by Mark Bramble; Music by Cy Coleman; Music orchestrated by Michael Gibson; Vocal and Dance Arrangements by Cy Coleman; Lyrics by Michael Stewart; Musical Director: Ross Allen; Assistant Musical Dir.: Jeff Conrad
Directed by Joe Layton; Musical Staging by Joe Layton
Scenic Design by David Mitchell; Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge; Lighting Design by Craig Miller; Sound Design by Otts Munderloh
General Manager: James Janek; Company Manager: Alan Ross Kosher
Production Stage Manager: Harold Goldfaden; Stage Manager: Steve Wappel; Assistant Stage Mgr: Carol Schuberg
Press Representative: Barbara Glenn
Phineas Taylor Barnum
Joice Heth
Jenny Lind
Chairy Barnum
Julius Goldschmidt
James A. Bailey
Mrs. Sherwood Stratton
Lady Juggler
Susan B. Anthony
Baton Twirler
Juggler Extraordinaire
Sherwood Stratton
One Man Band
Humbert Morrissey
Chief Bricklayer
Lady Aerialist
Chester Lyman
White-Faced Clown
Acrobat Extraordinaire
Acrobat Extraordinaire
Amos Scudder
Edgar Templeton
Understudies: Diane Abrams (Tom Thumb, Joice Heth), Susan Dawn Carson (Chairy Barnum), Fred Feldt (Ringmaster, Sherwood Stratton, James A. Bailey), Charles Edward Hall (Chester Lyman, Amos Scudder), Skip Lackey (White-Faced Clown), Cee Lewis (One Man Band, Chief Bricklayer, Edgar Templeton), Kathy Lynn (Mrs. Sherwood Stratton), Robert D. Newell (Wilton), Malcolm Perry (Julius Goldschmidt, Humbert Morrissey), Mary Ellen Richardson (Jenny Lind), Carol Schuberg (Susan B. Anthony) and Kelly Walters (Phineas Taylor Barnum)
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Apr 12, 1983 - Apr 24, 1983
Denver, CO
Jan 04, 1983 - Jan 30, 1983
Toronto, ON
Nov 29, 1982 - Dec 05, 1982
Wilmington, DE
Nov 21, 1982 - Nov 21, 1982
West Point, NY
Sep 07, 1982 - Sep 19, 1982
St. Louis, MO
Aug 27, 1982 - Aug 29, 1982
Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 17, 1982 - Aug 22, 1982
Minneapolis, MN
Aug 10, 1982 - Aug 15, 1982
Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 06, 1982 - Aug 08, 1982
Columbus, OH