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Feb 10, 2023

Closing Date

Aug 06, 2023

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A single setting representing the Chamber and an Anteroom of the Continental Congress, a Mall, High Street, and Thomas Jefferson's Room, in Philadelphia; and certain reaches of John Adams' mind. May, June and July, 1776.

Original Broadway production produced by Stuart Ostrow
Music by Sherman Edwards; Lyrics by Sherman Edwards; Book by Peter Stone; Based on a concept by Sherman Edwards; Musical Director: Ryan Cantwell; Associate Musical Dir.: Alyssa Kay Thompson; Music orchestrated by John Clancy; Vocal Design: AnnMarie Milazzo
Directed by Jeffrey L. Page and Diane Paulus; Choreographed by Jeffrey L. Page; Associate Director: Brisa Areli Muñoz; Associate Choreographer: Courtney Paige Ross
Scenic Design by Scott Pask; Costume Design by Emilio Sosa; Lighting Design by Jennifer Schriever; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans; Projection Design by David Bengali; Hair and Wig Design by Mia Neal; Associate Scenic Design: Stephen Carmody and Orit Carroll; Associate Lighting Design: Aaron Tacy; A.R.T. & Tour Associate Sound Designer: Daniel Lundberg; Associate Sound Design: Brian Walters; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Ashley Wise; Assistant Lighting Design: Anna Brevetti; Moving Light Programmer: Ben Fichthorn
Production Manager: NETworks Presentations and Hector Guivas; Production Stage Manager: Genevieve Kersh; Stage Manager: Chris Zaccardi; Assistant Stage Mgr: Sage Lumsden
Musical Supervisor: Ryan Cantwell; Original Music Supervisor: David Chase; Musical Coordinator: Dean Sharenow; Conducted by Ryan Cantwell; Associate Conductor: Alyssa Kay Thompson; Keyboards: Ryan Cantwell; Drums, Percussion: Noah Hadland; Cello: David Mergen; Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Dominic Derasse; Violin: Jen Choi Fischer; Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo: Gabriel Wareing; Saxophone, Clarinets, Flutes: Phil Varricchio; Music Assistant: Ian Chan; Electronic Music Design: Billy Stein, Hiro Iida and Strange Cranium, Inc.; Music Copyist: Russell Bartmus
Casting: Stewart/Whitley; Marketing and Publicity Direction: Bond Theatrical; Tour Booking: The Booking Group, Meredith Blair and Kara Gebhart; Advertising: SpotCo Advertising; Fight Choreographer: Thomas Schall; Dialect Coach: Erika Bailey; Dance Captain: Oneika Phillips; Assistant Dance Captain: Lisa Karlin; Fight Captain: Sav Souza; Dramaturg: Robert Duffley; Additional Dramaturgy: Elizabeth Amos; Photographer: Joan Marcus, Evan Zimmerman and MurphyMade
Charles Thomson
Congressional Secretary
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew McNair
Congressional Custodian
Col. Thomas McKean
Stephen Hopkins
John Dickinson
Roger Sherman
Edward Rutledge
Richard Henry Lee
Martha Jefferson
Dr. Lyman Hall
Benjamin Franklin
John Hancock
Samuel Chase
James Wilson
Dr. Josiah Bartlett
Abigail Adams
Rev. John Witherspoon
Caesar Rodney
Feb 10, 2023 - Mar 2023
Robert Livingston
Feb 10, 2023 - Apr 2023
George Read
Joseph Hewes
Understudies: Shelby Acosta (Samuel Chase, Roger Sherman, Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Tiffani Barbour (Robert Livingston, Joseph Hewes), Dawn Cantwell (George Read, Thomas Jefferson, John Dickinson), Julie Cardia (George Read, Col. Thomas McKean, John Dickinson), Amanda Dayhoff (Col. Thomas McKean, Stephen Hopkins, Charles Thomson, Edward Rutledge), Sara Gallo (George Read, James Wilson, Roger Sherman, Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Anissa Marie Griego (Charles Thomson, Martha Jefferson, Dr. Lyman Hall, James Wilson), Lisa Karlin (Col. Thomas McKean, Stephen Hopkins, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Chase), Oneika Phillips (Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, Caesar Rodney), Lulu Picart (Edward Rutledge, Roger Sherman), Kayla Saunders (Andrew McNair, Joseph Hewes, Courier, Caesar Rodney), Ariella Serur (George Read, Martha Jefferson, Dr. Lyman Hall, Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Brooke Simpson (Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon), Sav Souza (Charles Thomson, Richard Henry Lee, James Wilson), Lillie Eliza Thomas (John Adams, Robert Livingston, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin), Tieisha Thomas (John Adams, John Hancock), Zuri Washington (John Adams, Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon, Courier), Gwynne Wood (Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, Edward Rutledge) and Candice Marie Woods (Andrew McNair, Courier, Caesar Rodney)
Company Manager: Jeff Mensch (Jun 05, 2023 - ?)


Robert Livingston
Apr 2023 - ?
Caesar Rodney
Mar 2023 - May 2023
Caesar Rodney
May 2023 - ?
Standby: Nykila Norman
Understudies: Amanda Dayhoff (Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Karole Foreman (John Adams, Caesar Rodney, Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon), Sara Gallo (Samuel Chase, Roger Sherman), Nykila Norman (Robert Livingston, Col. Thomas McKean, Caesar Rodney, Andrew McNair, Joseph Hewes), Kayla Saunders (Robert Livingston), Lillie Eliza Thomas (Abigail Adams, Rev. John Witherspoon) and Candice Marie Woods (John Adams)
music by Sherman Edwards; lyrics by Sherman Edwards
Act 1
Sung By
Sit Down, John
John Adams and Company
Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve
John Adams and Company
Till Then
John Adams and Abigail Adams
The Lees of Old Virginia
Richard Henry Lee, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Historical Lees
But Mr. Adams
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston
Yours, Yours, Yours
John Adams and Abigail Adams
He Plays the Violin
Martha Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Act 2
Sung By
Cool, Cool, Considerate Men
John Dickinson, Dr. Lyman Hall, John Hancock, Joseph Hewes, George Read, Edward Rutledge, Charles Thomson and James Wilson
Momma Look Sharp
Courier, Andrew McNair and Company
The Egg
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Company
Molasses To Rum
Edward Rutledge and Company
Yours, Yours, Yours (Reprise)
Abigail Adams
Is Anybody There?
John Adams
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