Opening Date
Dec 23, 1915
Closing Date
Oct 14, 1916


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Princess Theatre
(Dec 23, 1915 - May 1916)
Casino Theatre
(May 29, 1916 - Sep 1916)
39th Street Theatre
(Sep 11, 1916 - Oct 1916)
Princess Theatre
(Oct 02, 1916 - Oct 14, 1916)

A musical in two acts and three scenes

June 1913. Act I: A Hudson River Dayliner. Act II: Lobby of Honeymoon Inn in the Catskills.

Theatre Owned / Operated by F. Ray Comstock
Produced by Marbury-Comstock Co.
Book by Philip Bartholomae and Guy Bolton; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by Schuyler Green; Based on a farce "Over Night" by Philip Bartholomae; Additional music by Henry Kailimai; Additional lyrics by Elsie Janis, Harry B. Smith, Herbert Reynolds, John E. Hazzard and Ring Lardner; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld
Staged by Frank McCormack; Choreographed by David Bennett
Scenic Design by Elsie DeWolfe; Costume Design by Melville Ellis
Flo Tide
Belle Fontaine
Miss Funnie Rekkod
Mrs. Elsie Darling
Mr. Rollo Munn
Mr. Watt Pumkyns
Al Cleveland
Mr. Dyer Thurst
Miss Lily Pond
West Point Cadet
Mme. Matroppo
M. de Rougemont
Miss Chrystal Poole
Mr. Dustin Stacks
Victoria Lake
Miss Munnie Duzzyt
Miss Gay Ann Giddy
Miss Alwys Innit
Miss Elsie Lilly
Miss E.Z. Morrels
Mrs. Georgina Kettle
Mr. Dick Rivers
Magazine Girl
Virginia Spring
Mr. Eddie Kettle
Mr. Tayleurs Dumme
Mr. Percy Darling
Miss Carrie Closewell
Mr. Fullern A. Goat
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Schuyler Greene
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
We're on Our Way
Victoria Lake and Ensemble
The Same Old Game
Mr. Dick Rivers and Girls
Some Sort of Somebody
(lyrics by Elsie Janis)
Mr. Dick Rivers and Miss Elsie Lilly
Isn't It Great To Be Married
Mr. Eddie Kettle, Mrs. Elsie Darling, Mr. Percy Darling and Mrs. Georgina Kettle
Wedding Bells Are Calling Me
(lyrics by Harry B. Smith)
Old Bill Baker (song added after opening night)
(lyrics by Ring Lardner)
Act 2
Sung By
On the Shore at Le Lei Wi
(music by Henry Kailimai and Jerome Kern; lyrics by Herbert Reynolds)
Miss Elsie Lilly, Mr. Dick Rivers and Ensemble
If I Find the Girl
(lyrics by John E. Hazzard and Herbert Reynolds)
Mr. Dick Rivers and Ensemble
Thirteen Collar
Mr. Eddie Kettle
Old Boy Neutral
Miss Elsie Lilly, Mr. Dick Rivers and Ensemble
Babes in the Wood
(lyrics by Schuyler Greene and Jerome Kern)
Mrs. Elsie Darling and Mr. Eddie Kettle
The Fashion Show
Victoria Lake and Ensemble
I Wish I Had a Million
(lyrics by Herbert Reynolds)
Al Cleveland and Girls
Nodding Roses
(lyrics by John E. Hazzard and Herbert Reynolds)
Miss Elsie Lilly and Mr. Dick Rivers
(lyrics by John E. Hazzard and Herbert Reynolds)

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