Opening Date
Apr 05, 1920
Closing Date
May 15, 1920


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Harris Theatre
(Apr 05, 1920 - Apr 1920)
Plymouth Theatre
(Apr 26, 1920 - May 15, 1920)

A musical in two acts

"Longview," Col. White's Farm, Somewhere in Virginia

Music by J. Turner Layton; Book by William Carey Duncan; Lyrics by Henry Creamer; Musical Director: Ivan Rudisill; Music orchestrated by Will Vodery
Directed by Oscar Eagle; Musical Staging by Edward P. Bower
Costume Design by Irma Campbell and Finchley; Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange
Ward Allan Yancy
Lincoln Brown
"Worthless" Akers
Clarence Melton
Maria Allan Morgan
Harrison Green
Peter Fitzhugh
William Henry Fish
Lida Belle Norwood
Mary Love Burgess
Bruce Payne
Hudson Gatling
Willie Mobberly
Patsy Ann Pritchard
Sally May Blaine
Robinson Tucker
Ray White
Jackson Gray
Byron Habersham
Anna Mobberly
Stuart Thompson
Norman Castleman
Rastus Redmond Reynolds
Virginia May Gordon
Alice Dean Lowe
Kinsey McAllister
Roberta Lee White
Col. John White
Penelope Dangerfield
music by J. Turner Layton; lyrics by Henry Creamer
Act 1
Sung By
Open Your Heart
Roberta Lee White
One of the Boys
Roberta Lee White and Ensemble
B. Is the Note
Rastus Redmond Reynolds and Willie Mobberly
It Must Be Love
Peter Fitzhugh and Roberta Lee White
I'll Have My Way
Col. John White
Love Me, Sweetheart Mine
Anna Mobberly
Where Is the Love?
Peter Fitzhugh, Roberta Lee White and Ensemble
Act 2
Sung By
Ray White and Ensemble
If, And, and But
Roberta Lee White
How Wonderful You Are
Peter Fitzhugh and Roberta Lee White
He Raised Everybody's Rent but Katie's
Rastus Redmond Reynolds and Quartette
There's a Way Out
Double Octette
The Old Love Is the True Love
Anna Mobberly and Ensemble
Dancing Tumble Tom
Roberta Lee White and Ensemble

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