MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Sep 29, 1915
Closing Date
Feb 12, 1916
MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway


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Cort Theatre
(Sep 29, 1915 - Feb 12, 1916)

An opera in three acts

Long Island at the present time

Produced by John Cort
Book by Henry Blossom; Music by Victor Herbert; Lyrics by Henry Blossom; Music orchestrated by Victor Herbert; Musical Director: Gustave Salzer
Staged by Fred G. Latham; Choreographed by Bena Hoffman
Scenic Design by Homer Emens; Gowns by Hickson, Inc.
Frances Hedges
General John Holbrook
Maude Van Cortlandt
Si Perkins
Jack Wickham
Dorothy Pryme
Lee Bainbridge
Duncan Arthur
Elsie Smith
Grace Holbrook
Nat Franklin
Anne Winthrop
Sidney Gray
Bob Darrow
Coralie Bliss
Bella Wells
Prince Antonio di Montaldo
Reggie Calthorpe
Tony Schmalz, Jr.
Princess de Montaldo
nee Patrice O'Connor
Teddy Thorne
Bertie Ashland
Achille Mazetti
Anthony Schmalz
Hester Lisle
Gabrielle Fourneaux
music by Victor Herbert; lyrics by Henry Blossom
Act 1
Sung By
Marie and Thomas
Make Him Guess
Grace Holbrook and Ladies
I'd Like to Be a Quitter, But I Find It Hard to Quit
Tony Schmalz, Jr.
Love Is the Best of All
Princess de Montaldo and Ensemble
For Better or For Worse (Sunshine)
Princess de Montaldo and Grace Holbrook
When a Girl's About to Marry
Grace Holbrook, General John Holbrook and Anthony Schmalz
Act 2
Sung By
Neapolitan Love Song (T'amo!)
Prince Antonio di Montaldo
I Wish I Was an Island in an Ocean of Girls
Anthony Schmalz and Girls
I Need Affection
Princess de Montaldo
All for You
Princess de Montaldo and Prince Antonio di Montaldo
Act 3
Sung By
In a Little World for Two
Princess de Montaldo, Bob Darrow, Grace Holbrook and Tony Schmalz, Jr.
The Shoes of Husband Number One Are Worn by Number Two
Si Perkins
Two Laughing Irish Eyes

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