Opening Date
Jun 01, 1914
Closing Date
Sep 03, 1914


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Winter Garden Theatre
(Jun 01, 1914 - Sep 03, 1914)

A revue in two acts

Music by Harry Carrol and Sigmund Romberg; Book by Harold Atteridge; Lyrics by Harold Atteridge; Additional music by Gus Edwards and Louis Silvers; Additional lyrics by Jean C. Havez; Music arranged by Melville Ellis; Musical Director: Oscar Radin
Choreographed by Jack Mason; Staged by J. C. Huffman
Costume Design by Melville Ellis; Scenic Design by Young Brothers & Boss Co., H. Robert Law and William Rising; Lighting Design by Nick Kronyack
Special Effects by Frank D. Thomas
music by Harry Carroll and Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Working for the Pictures
The Maude Adams of the Screen
The Midnight Girl at the Midnight Cabaret
The "Sari" Dance
Kitty MacKay
(music by Harry Carroll)
You're Just a Little Bit Better
(music by Harry Carroll)
The Moving Picture Glide
(music by Harry Carroll)
Omar Khayyam
Dreams of the Past
Way Down East
The Crinoline Girl
Act 2
Eugenic Girls
The Girl of To-Day
On a Modern Wedding Day
(That) Bohemian Rag
(music by Gus Edwards and Louis Silvers; lyrics by Jean C. Havez)
The Sloping Path
Don't Hesitate With Me
Good Old Levee Days
(music by Harry Carroll)
(Out) In 'Frisco Town
(music by Harry Carroll)
The Eagle Rock
(music by Harry Carroll)
The Grape Dance
You Can't Go Wrong with Us

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