Opening Date
Oct 14, 2021
Closing Date
Jan 02, 2022
1st Preview
Mar 07, 2020
1st Preview
Mar 07, 2020
Performances (as of Oct 17, 2021)


Nederlander Theatre
(Oct 14, 2021 - Jan 02, 2022)

Part One - Three Brothers. Part Two - Fathers & Sons. Part Three - The Immortal.

Written by Stefano Massini; Adapted by Ben Power; Composer: Nick Powell; Musical Director: Candida Caldicot
Directed by Sam Mendes; Associate Director: Zoé Ford Burnett; Assistant Director: Rory McGregor
Scenic Design by Es Devlin; Costume Design by Katrina Lindsay; Lighting Programmer: Kevin Wilson; Lighting Design by Jon Clark; Sound Design by Nick Powell; Co-Sound Design by Dominic Bilkey; Video Design by Luke Halls; Associate Costume Design: Daniel Urlie; U.K. Associate Costume Designer: Laura Hunt; Associate Lighting Design: Rob Casey; Associate Video Design: Lianne Arnold; Assistant Lighting Design: Gina Scherr
Executive Producer: Sue Wagner, John Johnson and Jillian Robbins; US General Manager: Wagner Johnson Productions; UK General Manager: Jack Bull; Company Manager: Deirdre Murphy; Associate Gen. Mgr: Megan Curren; Assistant Co. Mgr: Dylan Glen; House Manager: David R. Calhoun
Production Manager: Aurora Productions and Jim Leaver; Production Stage Manager: David Lober; Stage Manager: Cynthia Cahill and Danielle Ranno
Musical Coordinator: Seymour Red Press; Associate Musical Coord: Kimberlee Wertz; Pianist: Candida Caldicot; Alternate Pianist: Gillian Berkowitz
Casting: Wendy Spon CDG and Jim Carnahan, CSA; Press Representative: DKC/O&M; Movement: Polly Bennett; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; U.K. Dialect Coach: Charmian Hoare; Production Video: Ian Crawford; Production Videographer: David Kane; Photographer: Julieta Cervantes
Henry Lehman
Mayer Lehman
Adrian Lester
Replaced Ben Miles during previews; Broadway debut
Emanuel Lehman
Sep 25, 2021 - ?
Understudies: Tony Carlin (Henry Lehman), R.J. Foster (Emanuel Lehman), Tom Galantich (Mayer Lehman), Jeff Hayenga (Henry Lehman), Aaron Krohn (Mayer Lehman), Howard W. Overshown (Emanuel Lehman) and Harrison Unger (Janitor)

Nederlander Theatre (Oct 14, 2021 - Jan 02, 2022)


Emanuel Lehman
Mar 07, 2020 - Mar 11, 2020
Was replaced in previews
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