MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
May 18, 1908
Closing Date
Jun 06, 1908
MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway


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Wallack's Theatre
(May 18, 1908 - Jun 06, 1908)

An opera in two acts

The Homes of Eugene Dubois, Bensonhurst, and Maude Granville, New York City

Lyrics by Charles J. Campbell and Edward Siedle; Book by Charles J. Campbell and Edward Siedle; Music by Julian Edwards; Orchestra under the direction of Antonio DeNovellis
Staged by Julian Edwards; Dances arranged by Roger Gray
Scenic Design by Ernest Albert, James Fox and John H. Young; Costume Design by Mme. Castel-Bert
Marie Dubois
wife of Eugene
Mr. Samuel Lyons
manager of the Novelty Theatre, New York
Captain George Fish
retired sea captain
Eugene Dubois
an ambitious young composer
Maude Granville
prima donna of the Novelty Theatre
Hilda Branson
soubrette of the Novelty Theatre
The Hon. Clarence Beresford
Olie Weber
Glee Club
A. Corker
retired wine merchant
Delivery Driver
servant of Maude
Lilly Sherwood
Glee Club
Harry Woods
Glee Club
Delivery Driver
Matila Yager
Eugene's mother-in-law
Shop Girl
Walker Baker
Glee Club
Servant in Maude's House
Shop Girl
Helen Knowles
Glee Club
Hank Hickory
Glee Club
John Smith
Glee Club
Kitty Connor
servant of Marie
French maid in service of Maude
Shop Girl
Delivery Driver
Delivery Driver
Servant in Maude's House
Tom Murray
Glee Club
Act 1
Sung By
We Won't Do a Thing to His Opera
Members of the Glee Club
Hail to the Queen of Beauty
Eugene Dubois and Chorus
Eugene Dubois
That's How I Got Treated
Captain George Fish
The Saucy Sparrow
Marie Dubois
My Dashing Soldier Boy
Maude Granville and Chorus
The Box Office Tells the Story
Mr. Samuel Lyons and Chorus
That Melody
Maude Granville, Matila Yager, Marie Dubois and Eugene Dubois
At Last, at Last (I Hold You)
Maude Granville, Hilda Branson, Marie Dubois, Matila Yager, Eugene Dubois, Mr. Samuel Lyons, The Hon. Clarence Beresford and Captain George Fish
Daintily Lightly
Mr. Samuel Lyons and Ladies of the Glee Club
D'une Coquete
Hilda Branson
Allez! Houp La!
Act 2
Sung By
What a Dry World This Would Be
Hilda Branson and Chorus
A Cup of Tea
Maude Granville, Hilda Branson and Chorus
(It's) The Unexpected Happens
Maude Granville, Hilda Branson, Mr. Samuel Lyons and The Hon. Clarence Beresford
I Have My Doubts
Maude Granville and Eugene Dubois
(It's) A Long, Long Time
Eugene Dubois, Mr. Samuel Lyons, The Hon. Clarence Beresford, Captain George Fish and A. Corker
Not as Simple as I Look
Marie Dubois
I Want to be Your (Blue-Eyed) Baby Boy
Matila Yager and Captain George Fish
Come Along, It's a Trifling Affair
Take That
Maude Granville and Marie Dubois

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