Opening Date
Dec 29, 1959
Closing Date
Jun 01, 1960


Henry Miller's Theatre
(Dec 29, 1959 - Jun 01, 1960)

A play in two acts

The United States Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. (This Courtroom was "borrowed" by The Military Commission to provide, in this unusual instance, space for the public.) August, 1865.

Henry Miller's Theatre General Manager: George Banyai
Written by Saul Levitt; Incidental music by Henry Nemo; Lyrics by Henry Nemo
Directed by José Ferrer
Scenic Design by Will Steven Armstrong; Lighting Design by Will Steven Armstrong; Assistant to the Designer: Peter Wingate
General Manager: Irving Cooper
Production Stage Manager: Morty Halpern; Stage Manager: Julian Barry
Press Representative: Frank Goodman and Ben Washer; Advertising: Ingram Ash; Assistant to the Director: Vincent Donahue; Assistant to the Producer: Shirley Farmer
Henry Wirz
The Defendant
Otis H. Baker
The Defense Counsel
Lt. Col. N. P. Chipman
The Judge Advocate
Lt. Col. Chandler
Jasper Culver
General Lew Wallace
President of the Court
Dr. John C. Bates
Louis Schade
Assistant Defense Counse
Clerk of the Court
General Mott
Assisting Judge
Union Soldier
Union Soldier
General Thomas
Assisting Judge
James H. Davidson
Captain Williams
Dr. C. M. Ford
Prison Surgeon
General Ballier
Assisting Judge
General Geary
Assisting Judge
Colonel Stibbs
Assisting Judge
Ambrose Spencer
General Fessenden
Assisting Judge
Colonel Allcock
Assisting Judge
George W. Gray
Union Soldier
Major D. Hosmer
Assistant Judge Advocate
Understudies: Robert Burr (Lt. Col. N. P. Chipman), Clifford Carpenter (Dr. C. M. Ford), Lou Frizzell (Jasper Culver), Al Henderson (George W. Gray), William Hussung (Otis H. Baker), John Leslie (Dr. John C. Bates), Freeman Meskimen (Captain Williams), Owen Pavitt (General Lew Wallace), Richard Poston (Lt. Col. Chandler, Louis Schade), Reuben Singer (Henry Wirz) and Archie Smith (James H. Davidson)

Henry Miller's Theatre (Dec 29, 1959 - Jun 01, 1960)


Lt. Col. N. P. Chipman
The Judge Advocate
Dr. John C. Bates

Tony Award®


Best Actor in Play

1960 Nominee
George C. Scott

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