Opening Date
Jul 17, 1919
Closing Date
Oct 18, 1919


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44th Street Theatre
(Jul 17, 1919 - Oct 1919)
Winter Garden Theatre
(Oct 06, 1919 - Oct 18, 1919)

A revue in two acts

Performances were suspended from August 9, 1919 to September 8, 1919 for the Actors' Equity Strike.

Book by Ed Wynn, Edgar Smith and Harold Atteridge; Music by Jean Schwartz; Lyrics by Alfred Bryan; Additional music by M. K. Jerome and W. C. Handy; Additional lyrics by W. C. Handy and Blanche Merrill; Musical Director: Oscar Radin; Music orchestrated by J. Bodewalt Lampe
Staged by J. C. Huffman; Choreographed by Allan K. Foster and Kuy Kendall
Scenic Design by Watson Barratt; Costume Design by Romayne Simmons and Homer Conant
music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by Alfred Bryan
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Coat o' Mine
(music by M. K. Jerome; lyrics by Blanche Merrill)
A Maid Like You
Baby Vampire (Land)
Vamp a Little Lady
(Please) Don't Take Away the Girls
Crazy Quilt
(music by M. K. Jerome; lyrics by Blanche Merrill)
(For) the Freedom of the C's
Beautiful American Girl
Beale Street Blues
(music by W. C. Handy; lyrics by W. C. Handy)
Rainbow Ball
What Are We Going To Do?
(Let Us Keep) The Shimmy
Act 2
Cherry Blossom (Lane)
(Little) Boy Blue
Cozy Corner
The Lamp of Love
My (Beautiful) Tiger Girl
This Is the Day
(music by M. K. Jerome; lyrics by Blanche Merrill)

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