PlayComedy Play with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Dec 25, 1915
Closing Date
Jan 22, 1916
PlayComedy Play with musicOriginalBroadway


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Fulton Theatre
(Dec 25, 1915 - Jan 22, 1916)

A play in four acts

Paris and Red Gap

Written by Harrison Rhodes; Music by Sigmund Romberg; Lyrics by Harold Atteridge; Based on a story by Harry Leon Wilson
Staged by J. H. Benrimo
Costume Design by The Shubert Costuming Company
Mr. Henry P. Hartman
A Girl Helper
Miss Beryl Mae Watson
Ed Perkins
Mr. Egbert Floud
Mrs. Floud
Mrs. Judge Ballard
Mrs. Charles Belknap-Jackson
Mrs. Henry P. Hartman
A Cabman
First French Soldier
Proprietor of Booth
Girl Selling Songs
A Girl Helper
The Honorable George Van-Baseingwell
A Messenger from Cravat Dealer's
Alfred Ruggles
Mrs. Kenner
Messenger from High-Life Tailor
Waiter at Hotel Castiglione
A Messenger from the Shirtmaker's
Street Singer
The Earl of Brinstead
Senator James Knox Floud
Mrs. Elmer J. Brown
Post Card Seller
Hat Boy at the United States Grill
Mrs. Dawson
Miss Frances Coolbrith
Manager of Hotel Castiglione
Second French Soldier
Mr. Charles Belknap-Jackson
Mrs. Pettingill
Waiter at "Au Rendezvous des Cochers Fideles"
Jeff Tuttle
A Barber
Flower Girl
music by Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge
Beware of Love
Everybody Hum with Me
The Imp of Montmartre
Sing Me a Song of Love
When the Colored Regiment Goes Off to War

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