Opening Date
Aug 22, 2021
Closing Date
Oct 10, 2021
1st Preview
Aug 04, 2021
1st Preview
Aug 04, 2021
Performances (as of Sep 19, 2021)


August Wilson Theatre
(Aug 22, 2021 - Oct 10, 2021)

the (future) present; but also 2021 CE; but also 1855 CE; but also 1440 BCE. the river's edge; but also a ghetto street; but also a plantation; but also a desert city built by slaves; (and also the new world to come ((worlds without end)).

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Directed by Danya Taymor; Associate Director: Tramane Harris
Scenic Design by Wilson Chin; Costume Design by Sarafina Bush; Lighting Design by Marcus Doshi; Sound Design by Justin Ellington; Hair Consultant: Cookie Jordan; Associate Scenic Design: Riw Rakkulchon; Associate Costume Design: DeShon Elem; Associate Lighting Design: Elizabeth Mak; Associate Sound Design: Beth Lake; Assistant Lighting Design: Erin Earle Fleming; Assistant Sound Design: DJ Potts; Lighting Programmer: Kevin Wilson
General Manager: Baseline Theatrical and Andy Jones; Company Manager: Jessica Fried; Associate Gen. Mgr: James Hickey; Assistant Co. Mgr: Bria Woodyard
Technical Supervisor: Hudson Theatrical Associates; Production Stage Manager: Cody Renard Richard; Stage Manager: John C. Moore
Special Effects Consultant: Jeremy Chernick
Casting: Erica A. Hart, CSA, Camille Hickman and Daniel Swee, C.S.A.; Press Representative: Matt Ross Public Relations; Diversity Marketing Consultant: REALEMN Productions LLC.; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; Production Counsel: Nevin Law Group and Doug Nevin; Movement Consultant: Bill Irwin; Fight direction by J. David Brimmer; Head Assistant to the Fight Director: Dan O'Driscoll; Voice & Text Coach: Gigi Buffington; Intimacy Coordinator: Ann James; Production Photographer: Joan Marcus; Behind the Scenes Photographer: Marc Frankel
Namir Smallwood
Broadway debut
Understudies: Julian Robertson (Moses, Kitch), Andrea Syglowski (Mister/Ossifer) and Alphonso Walker, Jr. (Moses)

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